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Walden University - ED. D

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The Ed.D program is affordable, doable, and useful.


Little did I know what I would be getting myelf into when I started my Ed. D. degree in 2003. In a little over two years, I not only had completed my degree, but I had also received a substantial raise from my employer. My Walden degree has provided me with an education and writing skills I did not possess before Walden. I met and made many friends with whom I still keep in touch. Even though Walden is an online program, I have travelled and visited in the homes of several of my classmates. Walden provided me not only with an education, but also with friends for life. Last summer I was offered an adjunct professorship in addition to my full time job due to my doctoral degree. Not only am I touching the lives of elementary school students, but my new job has allowed me to help graduate students become better teachers. I owe this new found love of teaching adults solely to Walden U for encouraging me the whole step of the way to complete my degree.  

Lilburn, GA


Walden University - ED. D

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