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Very Good Value for the money. Teachers are quite knowledgeable


I used Walden University for my second Masters in Elementary Reading and Literacy.  I liked the fact that once you enrolled, all you needed to do was concentrate on the classes. The books were mailed to me and I was automatically enrolled for the next classes once one course was over.  The teachers were readily available for questions when they arose.  I also received a discount on tuition because there were several other people in the area taking classes from Walden University as well. The postings that we were required to make every week helped us learn from one another and deepen our knowledge even further.  One could apply for financial aid or you could even set up a payment plan and pay the bill yourself. I opted for the payment plan instead of increasing my already high student loans.  The school is also accredited. This is very important if you are looking into your emplyer take pay part of the bill or use the degree for a salary increase.  Walden University is based in Minnesota so be aware of the time differences when you are required to post your discussions and papers.

Long Branch, NJ


Walden University -

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