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Wahl HomePro 79300-400

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Works well for humans, not great on animals


My husband bought these clippers about a year ago because he wanted to start cutting his own hair instead of going to the barber to get it done. He has been using them to cut his hair about every six weeks and he's been very pleased with the results. This past summer I decided to try giving my dog a haircut with the clippers to save money as well. I found the that clippers really struggled with my little dog's thick fur. I did manage to give him a haircut but it was a slow process since the clippers had a hard time cutting through his fur. There are a lot of different guards that come with the clippers so that's nice. You can clip at a wide variety of lengths. Overall I think that the clippers work well and are a great value for the coast.

Nashville, TN


Slow, but they get the job done.


This set of clippers was purchased  about six years ago and I haven't had any problems with them. I cut my hair about 12-18 times per year and they still perform the same as the day they were purchased. The set comes with a nice range of clipper combs allowing a longer hair cut than the models that have only 5 or 6 combs. One thing that still impresses me is how sturdily the clipper combs attach to the clippers. Previously, I owned a cheap set of Remington clippers and the combs became so loose that they would sometimes fall off. This is never a problem with the Wahl clippers. The combs snap on and stay in place. The handy case is has held up well over the years.   My biggest complaint is that they cut slow. You have to go over your head with several passes to make sure the hair has been cut. The cheap Remington clippers cut much faster, but they had the problem with loose clipper combs.  Cutting my hair with the slow Wahls is still much faster (and cheaper) than the trip to a barber shop. Another minor complaint is that the body is made from white plastic, which has discolored. My set of Wahl clippers were made in the USA. I don't know if this model still is, buy you could call Wahl to find out if that matters to you. **Pros:** - Sturdy combs that stay attached - Reliable - Case - Made in USA **Cons:** - Cut slow - White body has discolored

Beckley, WV


Love these WAHL Clippers/Trimmer


I have been looking to upgrade my old Wahl hair trimmer/clipper and have been eyeing these color coded ones.  I received them as a gift and absolutely love them because the trimmer guides are color coded by size and the guide is on the handle of the actual trimmer; making it easy to determine which guide you want to use.  There is also no pulling/tugging on your scalp while you are trimming.  I just LOVE the Wahl brand of products and the color coded option is a great addition!

Lisle, IL


Wahl HomePro 79300-400

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