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Wahl 5537-1801 Beard Trimmer

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The wahl beard trimmer is a great product


This Wahl beard trimmer is a great trimmer with 4 different attachments, beard trimmer, oil, small cleaning brush and a holder that holds it all. This trimmer is very powerful considering it runson batteries. I have a beard and it trims it with no problems and I use it for my mustache as well and again no problems. I like all of the attachments for variety as well. The storage holder holds everything in one place which is great on the bathroom counter. The trimmer last a long time before you have to change batteries as well. For the price this is a great little set with alot of extras. This would also be a great gift.

Dayton, PA


quick and easy trim for men with beards.


I recently bought my husband the **Wahl 5537-1801 Beard Trimmer for fathers day. I was tired of waiting for him to get a haircut to decide and trim his beard at the same time. This thing is neat, it sits there ready to be used whenever you need it and it works better than taking scissors to your beard. It has multiple attatchments for any length that you desire and comes with a little grooming kit to touch up on any other hairs that may be too long or astray,.  it is also easy to store, the beard trimmer is small and has it's own little carrying case which makes it easy to stick under  a cabinet or to pack for a vacation. I had never heard of the Wahl brand and was a little hesitant at first to buy a brand I wasn't aware of but this brand far exceded any expectations I had. Men who are too busy to groom every day and need a little extra attention in these facial areas would really like this product and they would find how much easier it is to use and also how quick.**

Crawfordville, FL


Definitely glad I bought this!


I bought this for my youngest son when he was interviewing for a new job. He loved it! It provided him with a closer trim than the other products he usually uses. He was thrilled with the results. He said it took off just the right amount in just the right places and never snagged or clogged on him. He got the job! Now he uses this trimmer two or three times a week. I was so pleased that I bought one for my other two boys. They too enjoyed the close trim that this product provided and the attachments available to customize the trim. They use this product on a regular basis now. All say that they get a quicker trim than with other products they have tried and a more accurate trim as well. I would recommend this product to all that want just the right trim without the hassle. This would make a great gift for any man that wants a nice, neat trim without having to go to the trouble of shaving every time.

Tifton, GA


Love the Wahl Beard trimmer! Great!


We have this Beard Trimmer, and we LOVE IT! My Fiance has a bit of decorative facial hair (for lack of better words - his 'beard' goes from his ears down and lines his chin) and he uses it DAILY to trim up his face. he also shaves his neckline with it. This is a GREAT product for that. I use it for our children's haircurs, to keep it trimmed above their ears and their neckline. It is extremely precise and very easy to use! I am not trained to cut hair and I use it with VERY little trouble. I would definitely recomend this to you if you are needing something to use daily or even occasionally that will provide you with a precise, even trim. Also, it is quiet enough that as he uses it late at night sometimes, it doesn't wake anyone in the house up. To us, that is worth the money we spent on it in and of itself! Wonderful beard trimmer. You should definitely go get you one, if you are looking. I recommend it highly!

Lyman, SC


Wahl beard trimmer, just what i need


I needed a new shaver and seen this one on sale and decided to give it a try, I am enjoying it and i am happy i decided to buy  it and it does work well.  I would like to get a closer shave, but i guess that is what razors are for or i need to buy and electric shaver.  It gets the job done considering i am hairy, but it does not clean up all that well, it actually sticks to the inside of the product and even with the brush they give you and trying to clean it out with a towel you don't get very far, i just make sure to oil it and that is the best i can do.  like i said it was on sale and for the price i got it for it does get the job done and does better then majority of the electric trimmers i have had.  if you find it on sale and just need it for the basics i would defintaly buy it, but if you are looking for a close shave then go with something else, unfortunatly i can not make a recommendation on an item to try for that.

Phoenix, AZ


Wahl 5537-1801 Beard Trimmer

4.6 5