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Wagner Power Roller Max

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Worked great for me!


I was skeptical of the power roller when I bought it, but since I had to paint my entire garage I figured it might be worth the price if it saved me half the time.  I must say I was quite impressed, as it saved me from doing the repetitious task of pouring and rolling paint in the pan, and making sure the roller had an even amount of paint on the roller.  It does use a slight bit more paint than if you were using a hand roller, but I attribute the excess paint to the nice even coats that it put on my wall.  The lowest setting for pumping paint to the roller worked fine for me, as it minimized splatter, and kept everything clean.  The main advantage to this power roller was the elimination of the repetitious task of leaning down to roll on fresh paint.  I found this particularly helpful when painting the ceiling. The cord is long enough to reach most places, and didnt seem to get in my way unless I was turning the handle upside down (which tended to make the cord tangled).  Unlike the previous post, I didnt find cleanup to be that bad.  I am use to washing my rollers so that I can reuse them for another day.  Clean up was simple enough.  Hit the reverse button on the power roller, which fed the paint in the roller back into the can.  Wash the roller with water, then attach a garden house to the power roller to clean the internals... done.  Clean up took me 15-20 min.  **Note, I didnt use any of the attachments besides the extension, so I dont know if they are easy to clean. 

Spring, TX


The Wagner Power Roller isn't worth the price.


I have so many  mixed feelings about the Wagner Power Roller Max. So, Ill tell you a little about my experience. We had two rooms to paint so my husband bought me the Wagner Power Roller Max as a surprise. I was excited to try it. I wanted two different colors and I was sure one gallon of each was enough paint. I read the instructions thorough before using and was ready to go! I started by using the trim attachment, and used it on the lowest setting and used the on/off style of painting as the manual suggested. What a mess! Paint was all over the plastic I put down, all over the unit, and all over me. At this point I was irritated. So, I decided to use a paintbrush for the trimming. When I started using the roller it was great. It covered nicely and I could control how much paint came out by both the on/off switch and the pumping strength. I completed one room with one paint color and was shocked to notice I needed another gallon of paint. I was so shocked because the room I did was not very big and because I only but this color on the bottom of the wall.   So all-in-all this painter was great for the roller attachment, the other attachments took lots of practise. The painter used a lot of paint, and was honestly, very, very tedious to clean. Im not sure if it was worth the cost vs. a pan and traditional roller. If in doubt....

McDonough, GA


Piece of junk!


What a piece of junk.  I read less than stellar reviews online prior to buying this item but thought I would take the chance because I hate painting and I really wanted something to speed up the process.  After assembling the product I turned it on and watched the paint SLOWLY move up the hose towards the roller.  When I say slowly, I mean it.  It took 45 minutes for the paint to reach the roller and when it finally got to the roller it barely made it wet!I left it running while I picked up my trusty manual roller and finished my paint job in two hours.  When I was finished, the paint had still not coated the roller.  And it's not like I was painting with tar, it was standard latex indoor paint.So in order to return it I knew I had to clean it.  I thought this would be a breeze as I would simply hook up the nozzle to a bucket of water and let it flow through cleaning out all the paint.  Didn't work.  The water barely moved through the tubing.  There are so many parts that get covered in paint during the use of this product that a thorough cleaning takes at least a half hour.  If this product worked and I kept it, I'm not sure how many times I could use it before it would get clogged with some hidden dried up paint.Overall, this is a piece of junk.  Don't waste your time or money.

Milwaukee, WI


Wagner Power Roller Max~Not!!!!


**After asking my husband to please paint our private bathroom, He came home with the Wagner Power Quick Touch Roller which promises you the opportunity to get the job done twice as fast with less of a clean up.   Basically this is an electronic roller (120 volt) standard household.  This gadget holds up to a gallon of paint.   The set includes a 12' foot hose for 24' work area; quick release rod for easy disconnect; 14" extention for added  reach and spatter shield to prevent drips.  Sounds like a good little investment until you actually use it.  I adhor having to give a negative review but I also have to be honest.  The coats are really thin.  My husband did 3 coats just to be certain.  Whenever I have to wash a dirty hand print off of the wall...layers of paint are stripped away.  This never ever happened in twenty five years of painting our walls the old fashioned way.   We didn't change the brand of paint that we have always used in the past...the only thing different was my husband's use of the Wagner Power Quick Touch Roller.  To me this item was a total waste of money especially since we will have to repaint real soon.  **

Fort Gratiot, MI


Wagner Power Roller Max

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