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Waggin Train
Waggin Train Yam Good

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Wholesome Snack


I was so excited to discover Waggin Train treats. Anytime I find a product that uses veggies as treats I'm sold. My dog loves them. I should say my dog loves veggies so it was no surprise that she gobbled them up. These treats are chewy little nuggets of goodness. They do not need to be refrigerated upon opening the bag. I like to put in a glass container and leave on the counter. Waggin Train offers several types of treats and they pride themselves on making natural products. My reservations with this company is that I read articles in reference to Waggin Train using a certain type of preservative that was harmful and toxic to pets. This company was well aware of the negative effects of this ingredients and they continued using. It was only after loyal customers were made aware that they voiced their disapproval and discontinued purchasing their products. I too, stopped buying and have not purchased since. With so much uncertainty about the quality of ingredients I will not take a chance. I now make my own dog treats so I know exactly what they are made of. Maybe Waggin Train has changed their recipe for making treats but I lost trust since they never should of compromised their products in the first place.


Saint Anne, IL


Waggin Train Yam Good


I have three little dogs who love treats! Waggin Train Yam Good is their very favorite treat. This treat is a dehydrated yam covered with a strip of chicken jerky which is wrapped around it. At first, I thought my dogs would snub the yam and just pull off and eat the chicken .Boy , was I wrong! They actually love the yam as much as the chicken. I give each dog one yam treat a day. It takes them about ten minutes to eat one. Honestly, they really seem to savor them ! These are all natural treats . The only down side is that they are very expensive . I always get them at a mass merchant store, because they are much less expensive there than our local grocery stores. I have never seen them go on sale, and I also have never seen a coupon for them. With three dogs, they do not go very far.However, I continue to splurge on them, because the dogs enjoy them so much. Unlike some bones, my dogs never go and hide these. They are eaten right away!


In Upstate, NY


Great treat for man's best friend!


I try to be really conscious about what I feed my dog, and the Waggin Train brand fits my requirements.  Not only does my dog love their treats, they're made in the good ole USA (In Anderson, South Carolina) and the quality is excellent.  With no "meat by products" (who wants to feed their beloved dog chicken beaks and feet?  Yuck!), all you need to do is look on the label to see the healthy goodness you're offering your dog when you offer one of these treats. When I first saw the yam treats, I didn't think there was any way my dog would like dried yams...boy, was I wrong!  In fact, we ran out over the Christmas weekend, and I was trying to convince her to eat carrot sticks instead.  Uh, no go on that one!  First thing Monday morning, we were back at  the store buying Waggin Train dog treats. I especially like how they don't stain my carpet, don't leave little crumbs lying around, and of course, I love that fact that it's good for my dog.  Thanks, Waggin Train!


Oak Island, NC


If I Was A Dog, I'd Love YAM GOOD Chicken Wrapped Yams, Too!


Can you imagine being a dog, and your much loved master gives you **YAM GOOD Wholesome Chicken Wrapped Yams**? It's ingredients: Chicken Breast, Yams, Vegetable Glycerin and Natural Flavor. The chicken breast is listed as 97% fat-free fillets, with no by-products, and the yams are pure. Sounds good to me. My Maltese, and (extended dog family) Black Lab, and Dalmatian wolf them down, and come begging for more. Tasty????? Need I answer? Their actions speak volumes. For a healthy, nutritious, delicious, and tasty treat, ultra-pamper with **YAM GOOD Wholesome Chicken Wrapped Yams. **You will be glad you did, and so will your dog(s).


Chicago, IL


Blondie thinks Waggin' Train Yam Good is AWESOME


Yes, it is Blondie and I again bragging about Waggin' Train treats.  The Yam Good treat is a wholesome chicken wrapped yam.  I do not know about your best friend but Blondie loves yams which are nutritious and great tasting.  Sometimes when I bake yams, I do at least three or four to save on money, she gets part of one.  And yes, Blondie wants to go out several times a day so she can get a treat.  I know what you are thinking - this is one spoiled and pampered dog.   Yes, she is but that shows she is my BEST friend.  As with other Waggin' Train treats, there are no artificial flavors or colors, no by-products, no fillers, no preservatives or grain.  The ingredients are chicken breasts, yams and natural flavorings.  The chicken is 97% fat-free all-natural fillets.  This is a wholesome treat that is both healthy and delicious that your best friend will enjoy very much.  As usual, next time you are looking for something special for your pet, look for Waggin' Train and try the Yam Good treat.  Have a good day.            


Dallas, TX


Waggin' Train Yam Good dog treats are nutritious and natural


I purchase Waggin' Train Yam Good dog treats for my dog because they are nutritious and made from natural ingredients.  I was looking for a treat that had no artifical flavors or colors and especially no by-products, chemicals or fillers.  In fact, the only ingredients in this product are: chicken breast, yams and natural flavoring.  I expected that a natural treat like this would be made by Iams or Science Diet.  But now that I've found a natural snack for my dog, I'm sticking with Waggin' Train treats.  Nothing but the best for my dog!!  


Lakeland, FL


Waggin Train Yam Good

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