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Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch (TX436LLA)

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Yes to Graphics, No to 3DsMax & Cinama4D


I have used this product for almost a year Of good things where it's a nice, well-proportioned and responsive design Very practical for graphic designers and computer graphic But it is not suitable for users 3DsMax, AutoCAD, and engineering softwares

Misurata, Libya


not their best


If you want to do detailed illustrations, this is not for you. This is great for starting pesonal computer graphic illustrations but you will outgrow in no time at all. I purchased this model for my then 14 year old and she loved it at first. It was only 4 months and she was asking for the same manufacturer but a different model. She said and showed me that the sketching detail is not as perfect as she would like and the color-in feature was flawed. There is also a n annoying static effect and dragging effect from the stylist pen to the captured image on the computer screen. The product surface size is great and even though it is not wireless, most users don't mind this since wireless models are very expensive. Buy to start and replace if the user wants to continue computer graphics and illustration. Detailed writing and linear design is good up to medium quality and you need to upgrade for greater detail and ease of use. This manufacturer is great and has wonderful customer support. The way to start out for sure. Great first buy.

Hampton Bays, NY


Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch (TX436LLA)

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