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Wachovia - Visa Card

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Points to spend your own cash


I love the fact that I am not putting money on a credit card and I am earning points.  I also have their credit card so if I need to use credit I earn points and I can combine the two so I can get bigger things inculding visa gift cards.  This comes in handy for the holidays.


Christiansburg, VA


Really pleased with Wachovia!


Wachovia was the first place I got a visa card. I have been banking with wachovia for almost six years, and i have to say I have absolutely no complaints about their service. I am really glad that I have their card because their on-line banking system is so user friendly and straight-forward.  It's great to be able to see what I used my money for and to track my spending on my computer at home.  Customer service has ben great too.  When I was really stressed out about some issues I was having with my credit score, I was able to talk to a representative of their bank over the weekend and to get all my questions answered!  The people at my local bank have also all been very helpful and have been great in helping me find the best card option for me. I don't think I would ever stop using the Wachovia card!  I would strongly recommend their service to anybody looking for a new banking option.


Bryn Mawr, PA


The Wachovia Visa Card is the best credit card option available!


The Wachovia visa card has provided me and my family with excellent service for more than fifteen years.  They are extremely responsive with claims or problems with service and their cash back program is a benefitial aspect of membership in their Wachovia Visa Rewards program.  This program allows you to earn points for each dollar that is spent at any establishment world wide.  Once you have earned enough points you can cash these in for prizes, products, or merchandise/Visa gift cards.  For the larger prize values the cash back equates to roughly a one percent return on your expenses.  After you pay all of your bills online with the Visa card and you routine expenses this can really add up.  Additinoally they have an online mall where companies provide you with additional earnings for purchasing through their website.


Belmont, NC


Wachovia - Visa Card

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