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WWE 6" Basic Figure Titus O'Neil


Bring home the action of WWE®! Kids can recreate their favorite matches with these approximately 6-inch figures created in “Superstar scale” (each sold separately). Pose them to spar, pair them to battle or create mayhem with multiple figures. All offer articulation, amazing accuracy and authentic details like armbands and tattoos. 

Each sold separately, subject to availability. Ages 6 and older.

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Not sure how to rate this......


You would think I was deciding on the purchase of a house or something the way I was trying to come up with a rating for this toy. If I had to rate it just thinking of me, I'd give it a 1 star. If I had to rate it thinking of the little guy that plays with this toy, he'd give it a 4 star. A 5 star if it had been taller. My bone-head brother gave this Titus O'Neil and the John Cena one to our little foster guy without our knowing it was going to happen. I don't like fighting figures, but my brother argues it's a sports' figure because they wrestle. Whatever. Diante (6-years old) likes playing with them and they do seem to be holding up pretty good given the duress the dolls are under. He had no idea who they were when he first opened them up, but my brother has made sure he has become familiar with WWE. Needless to say, we don't allow Diante to stay there very often, and luckily, Diante isn't that in to WWE so he hasn't asked for the other figures. Yet. I think he's content with the two he has for now. Not all the dolls must be the same size because the two he has are different heights. This Titus one is better quality than the Cena one, too, in that some of its parts are made better. The elbows for instance. If you move Titus's arms around, the elbow pivots unbelievably well for a doll. I've never seen a Barbie doll's joints move quite as well as these. The shoulders, hands, it all moves with no glitches. I'm glad the facial expression isn't freakish or mean. For obvious reasons, I wouldn't mind seeing a few more clothes on him, though, and also because Diante wants to run around the house now all the time in just red underwear, asking the dog to wrestle.




WWE 6" Basic Figure Titus O'Neil

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