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WWE 6" Basic Figure Randy Orton


Bring home the action of WWE®! Kids can recreate their favorite matches with these approximately 6-inch figures created in “Superstar scale” (each sold separately). Pose them to spar, pair them to battle or create mayhem with multiple figures. All offer articulation, amazing accuracy and authentic details like armbands and tattoos. 

Each sold separately, subject to availability. Ages 6 and older.

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This one is done very well


This Randy Orton action figure is a very good one. It is durable and very well made. It has a great depiction of the real Randy Orton's in the ring wrestling gear and boots. It has a very accurate and life like face and facial expression. The paint representing Randy Orton's tattoos on this one has held up surprisingly very well with daily play as it has barely any show of wear and tear. This particular WWE toys Randy Orton action figure model has been portrayed with more predominant facial hair than other models as in real life he went with this facial hair look for a short period of time before going back to his regular 5 o'clock shadow stubble look.

Oakwood Village, OH


WWE 6" Basic Figure Randy Orton has detail


I have daughters. I do not frequently purchase action figures or even wrestling toys for that matter. My daughters are more into dolls and dress up. However, one of the things that brought my husband and I together when we were dating, was wrestling. I grew up loving characters like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Undertaker. As a teenager, I watched the weekly shows and Wrestlemania events. After my husband and I got married, we started a beautiful family and I found myself too busy to watch the long hours of WWE that is aired weekly. I got out of watching it and only catch some matches here and there when my husband watches. When I watched wrestling, Randy Orton was not a figure that was wrestling. When I first saw his character on television, I was very turned away from his demeanor. He has a taunt or move that I cannot stand. My husband loves this character and loves that I can't stand him. This is why I purchased the WWE 6" Basic Figure Randy Orton. As a joke! I gave it to my husband for his birthday so that he would have a good laugh and it worked. He loved the joke, but even more, he loved the figure. He said it would be a good toy to display as a collectible. Ha! He even breaks him out when the girls want him to play dolls with him! It is hilarious! This action figure is of great quality and holds up very well. I would recommend to anyone just because the figure does have a lot of detail and definitely looks like Randy Orton!

Nampa, ID


WWE 6" Basic Figure Randy Orton

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