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WTW7300DW 4.8 cu. ft. Cabrio® Top Load Washer with Steam - White

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I bought this with the matching dryer. I absolutely love the size of my washing machine. It actually holds my queen size comforter, sheets, and pillow cases in one load. The controls are all touch so no knobs, it makes it look so sleek and modern. The wash options are Normal, Quick, Cold, Deep Water, Color Last, Rinse & Spin, Mixed, Casuals, Whites, Delicates, Bulky/Sheets. Instead of just cold, warm, or hot water options it allows you to set a more precise temp. The temp setting is several lights and you push the controls and it goes up/down in small intervals. It also has a presoak option so you don't have to do it before you put it in the washer. I found that to be a great feature because I have to presoak my husbands clothes and my children's clothes, so it saves me time with that option. I use the steam option frequently on mine. The steam option is also needed for my dryer and the store I bought this washer and dryer set had a connection to split off the hot water to work with my washer and my dryer. The steam option on my washer I use the most to neutralize odors. You have to have hot water on all of the time with this washer.I didn't know that and I turned the hot water valve off because it was leaking and my washer wouldn't put any water into the tub. When I called Whirlpool is when I found out even if I am not using hot water the washer will not work without hot water running to it. The time it takes to wash a load is decided by the washer by the weight of the load. It spins the clothes before it ever starts putting water inside of the tub to weigh out the load. My best advice is to just throw your clothes in the middle of the tub when loading. If it's too heavy on one side it will not spin out correctly the washer will just turn itself off.



WTW7300DW 4.8 cu. ft. Cabrio® Top Load Washer with Steam - White

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