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Bedtime Toy
WSD Electric Aquarium, Fish Lamp Light

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Fire Hazard..Buyer Beware!!


My kids love this thing.  They watch the fish as they drift off to sleep.  In addition, it acts as a night light and my children always request that it be turned on. HOWEVER, it is dangerous!!!  I would rated this a negative 5 if I could.  I did not get the notice but there is a recall on this Fish Lamp.  A few days ago, I went to unplugged it and all I saw were sparks and smoke.  By the time it was all over, the plug was still in the wall separated from the cord.  This could have been much worse as others have reported fires in children's bedrooms. If you have this item, please consider taking it out of your home.  It is not safe!!!!!   There is not much of a description on the item but here is what I found on the back:  WSD  Made in China NO. 7052.  I've had it for sometime and do not remember where I purchased it from.   P.S.  the electrical cord was in great shape before this happened...and that's troubling!!!



WSD Electric Aquarium, Fish Lamp Light

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