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WORX GT Cordless Electric String Trimmer/Edger

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This is a good product. It is easy to handle, lightweight and very efficient. Efficiency is the most important thing. We live in Phoenix. It is a desert area. The ground is dry, hard and has a tremendous amount of weed growth. This product takes care of the weeds and growth in our backyard. It is very good at really cutting low and keeping the yard looking great. I would recommend this product for people of any age. I am an older gentleman and it works just fine for me. The price was right/fair and I bought an extra battery charger to keep handy so that I can continue to work beyond the life of the first battery (about 1 hour) and keep alternating the batteries, as needed. Well worth the extra cost.


Phoenix, AZ


Light and Versatile Trimmer/Edger


For the price, it is great for all your general purpose trimming and edging. Cordless is a necessity when navigating your yard. However, don't expect to be out there for hours because the battery only lasts up to an hour. Performance For brushes/bushes, stick to light duty as this won't be able to trim through any decent twigs. As for grass, mine plows through it just fine. Mine came with extra line, so even if you tear up your line through denser than usual green, it is easy to replace. Ease of Use The adjustable handle positions make trimming different angles easy - it has positions for low-ground level trimming, waist height angles, even reaching over brushes to get to another. Even the base can be adjusted to face sideways or facedown. And wheel definitely makes edging super easy so you don't have to hold it steady yourself. Handling BIG plus is how light it is compared to others. The many adjustable handle positions help your back a lot. Even my wife is not afraid to use it. Durability Most of this trimmer/edger is not made of steel, which on the plus side makes it light. However, down the road, I foresee mine having chips and cracks as it bangs around while in use. Just be gentle while handling it.




WORX GT Cordless Electric String Trimmer/Edger

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