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WORX 18 Cordless 120 MPH Blower/Sweeper

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Quality tool for cleaning up the outside debris


Quiet and strong blower suited best for average size yard. If your intent is to blow leaves off the 1/2 acre of grass plus sidewalks, it will do the job but I'd buy another battery just to be safe. You would be surprised how fast the 20-30 battery life from continuous use goes by.


Houston, Tx


Works fantastically for someone with a bad back and can't lift a


It works great for anywhere outside around the house and quick cleanups. Weight For someone with a bad back, this product is great without all the extra weight of the other types around. Performance I never had any problems with it so far, and I get done with the jobs in no time at all. Handling It is very easy to handle and not at all cumbersome. I love the fact I do not need gas in this thing to worry about, also. Ease of Use It is very easy to use since it just recharges and off you go with a full charge for quite some time. For me my jobs get done quickly and easily in no time at all. I have 1/2 acre property, and it seems to get things done on one charge. Durability It is very durable and heavy duty. It is not a cheap piece of plastic. It does what it is supposed to do and more.


Boiling Springs, SC


Way to blow


Got this for mothers day. I know it is not your normal gift but for someone that helps her husband with yard work this is great. Light weight , easy to use,and doesn't tire one out. Really easy to remove the battery for charging and light enough to hold in one hand which is just what I need since I am not a strong person. Makes sweeping the patio off a charm.


New Bern, NC


Worx works!


The WORX blower is very light and does the job well. My husband bought both this and the trimmer for me for a Mother's Day gift and they both work great. I would have given the blower a 5, but the short battery life is a drag. I looked like a racewalker blowing my drive each week, just so I could get the clippings off of the driveway before the battery died! We purchased another battery, which helps, but as you know, they are pricey. The blower is used mainly to blow the grass clippings off of the drive and patio, but it's also powerful enough to blow leaves into a pile for easier raking. Before the WORX blower, I used a heavy, gas-powered leaf blower to do the same job each week. It did a great job too, but it made my back hurt and the emissions were awful. I love my blower!


Belleville, IL


Surprise, surprise--this blower acutually works!


I only bought this as a complement to my Worx trimmer, and did not expect it to be effective.  Wow, I was wrong.  What it lacks in power (which is not much, really) it makes up for with it's svelt stature and easy maneauverabilty.  No, I would use it to clean up post-tornado damage or anything, but it's a great tool to keep the patio and other areas clean with just a couple of minutes of work.  Like the other Works Li-on tools, the battery is very small and light, and doesn't last forever (15 minutes or so); but for quick clean up, it can't be beat.  I would either buy a second battery or a 30-minute charger, which makes it easy to recharge the battery while you rest or work on other aspects of your garden.  It pretty much comes with a point-and-shoot interface (so to speak); a single switch is all that's needed, so use is very intuitive, although it takes a bit to figure out the best way to use it without sending all your year debris into the stratosphere.  Once you get that down pat, this is great for a fast, painless clean up.


Wichita, KS


WORX 18 Cordless 120 MPH Blower/Sweeper

4.4 5