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WD 40 Company [CASE] Wd-40 Smart Straw 11 Oz 12

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Amazing Stuff


I often use WD-40 for lubrication and squeaky hinges. It is about the most amazing stuff I have used. We had a padlock on our garage that was so stiff the key could barely turn. But after squirting a little WD-40 inside, it has worked very smoothly. Our blinds were so stiff that the rod twisted enough to break when trying to open them. But WD-40 has loosened it up very well. Hinges have squeaked whether opened and closed quickly or slowly. But after a little WD-40, they worked silently. I have even used this as a sealant and lubricant on a trailer hitch. Not only does it help the trailer move smoothly on the hitch, but it also seals out water and helps prevent rust. I appreciate the straw on the sprayer as well. When the straw is down, you get a spray, and when the straw is up it gives a fine stream. The spray works well on the trailer hitch, and he stream is very helpful for the inside of a lock or hinge.



WD 40 Company [CASE] Wd-40 Smart Straw 11 Oz 12

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