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VTech Vsmile Dora The Explorer: Dora's Fix-it Adventure

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Fun and educational.


This is a really cute game. I've even played it myself. The puzzles are not only fun and challenging for little minds but the game keeps my son interested for hours. From animal sounds to shapes to numbers and colors this game has it all. If you have the system definately pick this one up for your little Dora Fans.

Orlando, FL


very nice


hi if you have a vtech this is a must have!exspecially if your child is a dora the explorer fanatic!my child played with this for hours!it teach a lot of educationl skills for spanish as well as english!durable and it is very safe.well it is over all just plain out fun!!!!

Carlyle, IL


Manipulates children


My regrets about children shows is they manipulate children into wanting to buy anything withe the characters on it.  This is the case with Dolra the explorer.  they even merchandize yogurt with Dora on it.  Next they will have Dora toilet paper and my kids will only want to wipe their butt with Dora - well maybe that would be a good thing.

Washington, MI


Just like the Cartoon


FABULOSO! Dora The Explorer: Dora's Fix-It Adventure is GREAT for preschoolers. This game SMARTRIDGE is for use in the Vtech Vsmile gaming system. It is a wonderful TV Learning Program. I loved that the game looked very much like the actual cartoon. If your preschooler loves to play along with Dora when she's watching the TV show - then she'll REALLY LOVE to play this game on her VSMILE! Also, find DORAS GOT A PUPPY - it's a smartbook and Smartridge for the Vsmile. It plays on the Regular VSMILE gaming console (even without the smartbook) and it's so FUN!

Sutherlin, OR


This game teaches so much for my little one.


             I love this product. Earlier I wrote a reveiw on the VSmile system, now I'm going to tell you how I feel about this game. Dora the Exsplorer. I already I love this charactor. I love the show, my son loves the show. Its cute and teaches alot. Same thing goes for the game. If your a parent and watches Dora with your child, you know what I'm talking about. If you donot know who Dora is, well you should take a look. This game along with the show teaches spanish, vocabulary, numbers, counting , comprenction, friendship, helping other, manners, and a whole ot more, There's singing and dancing. There's fun and entertainment. My son loves dora, Almost owns every movie there is, and cant get enough of her. I love how colorful it is, how it catches the kids eyes. There's so much. My son has learned so much. Knows spanish before i do. But the exsperts say reputition is the key to kids learning. If your a parent of a toddler, please just give it a try. I've even got my 15mo. old nefew into it. He just stares at the tv when dora comes on. Over all I think this a show for kids, and all kids should watch it.            Loving mom, Liz

Cornelius, NC


Excellent kid friendly educational fun to play product.


**For Dora fans this is a great interactive computer game that will teach creative minds towards better learning skills. I love things like this because it helps prepare them for Kindergarden and can possibly eliminate the need for the child to go to preschool. This is great to sit along beside the child and watch them use their mind to accomplish the goals that the game sets for them.**  

Toledo, OH


VTech Vsmile Dora The Explorer: Dora's Fix-it Adventure

4.2 6