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Vtech V Smile/Motion

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My 3 year old son loves it and has learned so much


  The V-tech Motion video game is a great educational video game.  I was against getting my 3 year old into video games at this early of an age but he has learned so much from them.  He learns his shapes, colors, letters, numbers and is learning to follow directions!   The games are of characters that he is familiar with and loves and each game has a learning activities, puzzle activities, and games appropriate for his age.   The wireless remote makes it easy for him to play and move around without damaging the game or remote!  The games are a little pricey but once you see all the benefits's a great value!!  Durability Awesome son puts the games in and out by himself and sometimes isn't the easiest. The games and system is holding up great!! He plays it every single day!

Florence, KY


V-Smile Motion is a great system for toddlers


The V-Tech V-Smile Motion gaming system is the perfect starter system for toddlers.  I upgraded from a V-smile Baby system on my sons third birthday and this system is far better.  The baby system had horrible graphics, but this one is quite good.  They are very similar to cartoon quality.  We have about 15 games and all of them have adventure mode as well as single activity modes.  The motion aspect is not something I choose to use yet as my three year old doesn't fully comprehend how that works, but even the motion games give the option of playing it with joystick and arrows instead.  A definite benefit of the motion system even before you choose to use it as motion is that this allows for a wireless controller.  I personally have the TV behind a gate so this way the system can be on the tv side of the gate while he can play from the other side with no wires in between.  This is a great starter system. Graphics Quality Most are pretty good. The games themselves do vary in terms of graphics quality. Game Variety There are a lot of games available. Especially since the regular Vsmile cartridges are also compatible. Controller Comfort They can switch from right to left handed. Ease of Use I have had problems with having to put games in several times before the machine would read them. Durability Nothing broke off yet some parts feel like they could pretty easily.

Hanover, PA


Vtech V Smile/Motion is fun & entertaining but...


After finding the Vtech V Smile/Motion video gaming system plus 3 games on craigslist for a very good price I decided this was something my son NEEDS. ;) He is 3 years old (almost 4) and loves playing our wii but few games are actually educational and geared towards him. Most of the games are fun but getting to the actual game play mode was kind of a hassle, you are usually asked which type of game play you would like then they ask you to choose motion or joystick. It could just be my son but he didn't quite get it-he just pressed buttons so he could get to the game which resulted in him playing by motion which he didn't really understand. So I have to set up the game everytime before he plays so he is playing in the mode he likes. Once he is actually able to start playing though it is a lot of fun for him. I love that many of the games are educational but upset that some of them that are rated for 3-4 year olds require reading or math skills which my son does not have yet. I'm sure once he is a bit older he will really enjoy it though!

Perkins, OK


vsmile motion is fun and educational


my daughter absolutley loves her vsmile vmotion gaming system. her favorite charactors like ariel, elmo, and wubzy help her learn while she plays. there is even a nascar game to enjoy  playing with her daddy. she likes that she can switch the controll paddle from the motion setting which is a little harder for her to handle to the joystick function. i like that she can play regular vsmile video games on the motion console making the games easier to find and having more of a selection. i also like that there are no messy wires connecting the controller to the game console. one disadvantage however is that both the game console and the controller run on batteries and my daughter is not so good at turning the power off when she is done playing so i would reccomend stocking up on both aa and aaa batteries or buying rechargable batteries. overall it is a really good product i love anything that makes children enjoy learning

Apopka, FL


Average kids gaming system


VTech has always been a leader in kids electronics and they have many great products on the market. With the VTech Smile/Motion, there are many pros and a few cons. But, the cons are big. First, this system immitates the Wii and is fantastic in this respect. You can interact by moving the controller side-to-side, back-forth, etc using motion rather than buttons or controls. This is great if your skiing, bobsleding for letters, etc. it really makes the game more interactive. I like that this system offers a wide array of affordable games: Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, sports editions. Many different concepts are included within these games, some covering ABC's, Numbers, and Shapes; while others cover recycling concepts and healthy food choices. The graphics aren't as supurb as an adult system would be, but they aren't bad enough to distract from the overall game. The one big con that I mentioned at the beginning of this review is the systems inability to prevent freezing. Sometimes the game freezes, sometimes it causes the remote to become inactive. This is frustrating to my son when he worked hard to get to a higher level and it freezes up. With this being said, the freezes are rare but do happen, and this is why I recommend only if your willling to deal with slight interruptions.

Lake City, FL


Vtech- V Smile/Motion is a Great educational tool


My name is Shannon and Im writing this review about Vtech- V Smile Motion. I have two step-sons age 5 and 3.  My husband and myself bought them a V-Motion for them for Christmas. I thought it would be a good starting game console and educational at the same time. We also got them the Cars cartridge to play on it since that is their favorite movie. Our 5yr old loves it. When he comes over it is the first thing he wants to do. Its great cause it works with him on the same things he is learning in school. Our 3yr old plays it as well but is a bit young to quit figure everything out but his brother helps him thru when he hits a bump in hte road. It makes him feel good to teach his brother things so its also a good self-esteem boosting tool!!!!  

Turners Station, KY


Great education FUN...Mom is happy, the kids are happy


Santa brought my 2 young boys (4 and 2) the V.Smile/Motion.  Yes, they wanted the Wii, like every other child, but Santa couldn't get past the fact that these boys were 4 and 2.  He thought they needed something more educational, yet still very fun.  On his search he found the V.Smile/Vmotion.  He liked the fact that you move around, very similar to the Wii!  Not to mention the games are appealing to the little guys while still being VERY educational!!! You guessed it, my 2 boys fell in love with it.  They play with it every day, and never the same games.  I was fortunate and found games on sale, so they have about 6 games.  Plus the really cool thing is that the games that go with the original handheld V.Smile, work with this console!  That's my favorite part, as we had some games from the handheld version. Another cool aspect is that you can buy the adapter to plug straight into the wall, without having to burn up battery after battery!  They get lots of use out of it, so I'm certain we'd be spending some money on batteries for it. Thank you Santa for getting the educational one!  We actually call it the "V"!

Spencer, IN


Great entertainment for young ones!


My parents had given the **Vtech - V Smile/Motion** to my youngest daughter for her birthday. She loves to play the games and it seems to keep her busy and happy while I get some cleaning done around the house. And with her busy with that...she's not making a big mess!!!!! She seems a bit too young to get the full education value out of it but as she grows she will start to pick up on it more. At the moment her older sister helps her along and plays with her. A great bonging experience too!!! Now what mom can complain about that?!

Carrington, ND


Vtech V Smile/Motion

4.6 8