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VTech Target Exclusive Thomas and Friends Play Laptop

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My 2 year old loves this!!!


We got this because our son loves Thomas.  At first he just pressed buttons.  I realized that the toy was meant for older kids, but he liked having a computer like mommy and daddy. One day I realized that he wasn't just pressing buttons, he was pressing the right buttons...I had no idea that he could recognize letters and numbers!!!  This is a great learning toy.  Some of the games are still too advances, but that just means that it will last us that much longer.  This was a great investment.

Elburn, IL


The best learning toy I have found!


I purchased the Vtech Thomas laptop for my 2 year old and he has really enjoyed it. Even now at 3 1/2 he plays with it almost daily.  This toy taught my son his entire alphabet in less than 2 months. At 2 1/2, he was able to recognize and find the letters on the keyboard. This laptop will grow with them. Just yesterday, my son asked why a few of the letters on the keyboard are red, which I explained to him was because they are vowels. Yet another learning experience!! The Vtech Thomas laptop contains more than 25 games that teach Uppercase letter recognition, lowercase letter recognition, number recognition, how to use a mouse, counting, directions (right and left), size recognition (which picture is larger), shape recognition and many more. This laptop also contains games just for fun such as a maze game, a helicopter game and a music making game! I was afraid that my son would get tired of the black and white screen images, but so far he hasn't gotten bored with it. If you are looking for a fun educational game that has characters that your child loves...look no further. In my experience, Vtech toys are very durable. This toy has stood up to a year and a half of rough play and I have only had to change the batteries twice!

Acworth, GA


Cute laptop for your Thomas fan!


Our four year old son loves anything with Thomas the train on, so when I saw this laptop I just had to get it for him.  It is a little expensive, but I was able to get it on a good sale, so it was worth it.  My kids all love the mouse on it!  It looks and feels so much like a real mouse, so it makes him feel grown up when he uses it.  It plays the cute theme song for Thomas the train, plus lots of other cute tunes.  It does have a lot of teaching games on it.  He learns his alphabet and numbers from it.  As they get older, they can learn how to spell out words and find missing letters and things like that.  The screen on it is fairly small, but it doesn't seem to bother my son.  I think for a four year old it is perfect!  If your son loves Thomas the Train, then I'd recommend this.  If he doesn't care at all about Thomas the Train, then you could probably get the same features on any child's laptop. 

Shermans Dale, PA


thomas the train is okay but spiderman would be better


it seems a great idea in educating our children. i would have prefered spiderman or some superhero for the male youth. although the leapfrog will always be a favorite its good to see other brands branching out and trying the same thing the colors are bright and friendly and there are many other childs toys and furniture for the children to match it up with. another more popular choice could have been spongebob squarepants. im not sure how many accessories come with the thomas the train laptop but a numerous selection is always a good idea. multiple selection is key. through numbers and letters to colors and shapes. then of course teaching them the sounds of letters how to place letters together to make words and so forth.....all around a good idea already thought up by another company but would be a decent seller because im not quite sure how popular thomas the train is right now.......................

Granbury, TX


VTech Target Exclusive Thomas and Friends Play Laptop

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