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Vtech Sit-to-Stand Dancing Tower

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My baby loves this toy


My daughter has played with this toy since she was able to sit up.. I love that it has different stages that adjust and grow with your baby. First the top just lays flat and your baby can play with it on the high chair or even in the floor or in the car. Then it attaches to the smaller stand and your baby can sit up and play and then you add the atatchment and it grows taller for when your baby starts standing, pulling up, or walking.. My daughter absolutely loved this toy. She would grab at the dancing bear and i thought she tore it up several times but it just kept on dancing when I pushed it back down on its "chip".. she also loves the microphone and loves to yell in it. The music kinda gets a little annoying after she plays with it a while but she loves it and dances and laughs and loves to push the buttons that light up. This is a very durable toy and it is not easy to tip t over. I would recomend this toy to anyone with an active baby..A++++


Athens, TN


Great for kids!!!


Someone got this for my first child and he loved it do much that I saved it for my second child. My youngest to now 10 months old and absolutely loves it!! From the microphone to the dancing bear, he enjoys playing with all aspects of the toy!! The ability to make the toy change as your child grows makes it even more useful and makes the money spent, well worth it!


New Smyrna Beach, FL


Loves to sing and play!


I had never ever seen this toy before until a recent clearance at Kmart.  I bought it for my son and put it away until his 1st birthday.  He is now 18 months old and loves this toy.  He loves to sing into the microphone and hear his voice.  My son loves to sing and dance so this is obviously a great choice for him.  I will say though that at times the bear will go off for no reason and be singing without anyone in the room.  There are a lot of different choices for playing with this toy.  There is a good selection of songs and modes .  My son now knows how to change modes and to change the songs to what he wants to do.  Him and his older sister will play with this toy for hours dancing and singing around.  I do not think that I would have paid full price for this toy but at the discount that I got it for it was definately a bargain that I am glad that I did not pass up.  If your little one likes to sing and dance this is a great option.


Hixson, TN


Sit-to-Stand Dancing Tower - Not worth the money


I bought this toy when my daughter was about 9 months old. I really liked the idea that it would grow with the child from sitting to kneeling to standing. It was very easy to put together and also easy to convert to the different stages as the child developed. I initially thought that the toy would be well worth the money considering that it should last througout my child's different stages of development. There are lots of flashing lights and cute music, and the bear on top dances around. It is a very cute toy. Battery life is short-lived in this toy. Unfortunately, my daughter never really played with it. She would occasionally watch it for a few minutes, but it was never a favorite and she often seemed bored with it. I eventually put it away, wishing that I had not wasted my money on it. If your child is captivated by lights and sounds and music, then this toy will probably be a great purchase for you. But for the more reserved child that would rather listen to books and play with puzzles and shape sorters, this is probably a waste of money.


Shelbyville, IN


My son loves his Dancing Tower!


I have a son who is almost 1 years old, and of course, he is starting to take off. Not exactly walking yet, but he is trying to stand, and suceeding very well. This toy has helped him with his balance while making it fun for him. He loves the colors and sounds it makes. He is progressing very well...better than I thought he would be. He has so much fun with this product. When I put him down on the floor, this is the first thing he goes for. The only thing I do not like on this product is the traction. Although it is not horrible, he has fallen while standing with this a few times. When he uses this for balance, I sometimes see it slipping from underneath him. It doesn't happen often, but often enough that it sometimes makes me worried. Other than that he is loving it and so am I. It was not expensive at all for the quality it has. I was very pleased with it when I bought it on sale for his Chirstmas present. I recommend this product to anyone with a small baby learning to stand up.


Oak Lawn, IL


Teach your baby to stand by himself!


The Vtech Sit to Stand dancing tower is the perfect toy to encourage your young toddler to stand.   I bought this for my son when he was about 4 months old, and he just played with the top toy section on the floor.  It detaches and will lay on the floor so that they can reach all the buttons and toys.  Then, when he was about 5 to 6 months old, we attached the toys to the tower so that he could practice pulling up on the handles.  It didn't take long for him to figure out how to pull up, and he would stand and play with it for minutes at a time.  The tower is sturdy enough for your baby to pull on it with his or her weight without pulling it over.  There are music and word buttons, and the bear in the center dances and turns around.  I was worried that my son would break the bear part on top once he started slapping and pulling on it, but it has been extremely durable no matter how hard he tries!


Bluffton, SC


if your little one likes music and dancing, this is perfect!!!!!


the vtech sit-to-stand dancing tower is just amazing!  my fifteen month old daughter just loves this toy!  she plays with it off and on everyday!  she loves the different kind of music and has even figured out how to replay over and over again her favorite songs.  it has two volume settings and honestly i don't find either one annoying at all.  if my four year old son is watching a movie i try to keep the toy on the first setting just so he doesn't complain (even that might just be a sibling thing lol).  the toy is built very well, easy as pie to put together and very sturdy.  my toddler has moved it across the room, knocked it over, and chewed on the microphone and has yet to damage the toy at all!  it doesn't eat batteries like some toys and it's easy to tell when the need to be replaced, as the music just slows down.  my daughter has always been a music lover and dancer type and this is the best toy ever for her!  seeing her laugh and smile and 'dance' everyday is just a blessing... and she never gets tired of it!  i recommend this very very much!!!!!


Trenton, MI


The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Dancing Tower is the best toy ever!


We bought this toy for our daughter and she absolutely loves it.  She is 10 months now and she just started pulling herself up a couple weeks ago.  She loves to pull herself up and watch the bear dance around.  The handles are great for her to do that with.  We keep it on so she can just push one of the buttons to make the bear start dancing.  She laughs at the bear and dances along with the music.  She also loves turning the blue and orange spinning thing on the side as well.  I did make it shorter so she could sit or kneel and play with it since she cannot stand on her own yet but she just stands up and leans over to play with it so I put it back up. I really like that my daughter will be able to be able to play with this toy for a long time.  Right now, she just likes to listen to the music and watch the bear dance but soon she will be able to clap and stomp along with the music as the toy says.  It will also help her learn about colors.


York, NE


My 12 month old granddaughter loves the VTech dancing tower


My granddaughter just turned 1 year on Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010 and I was looking for something that she would enjoy, but that would be safe and help her learn as well.  When we gave her the Vtech sit to stand dancing tower she was very excited when she saw the dancing bear.  Her favorite thing is music and dancing, this toy is a great way to teach her how to count and recognize her colors.  It also has helped with getting her to stand on her own.  I would recomend this toy to any child.


Charlotte, NC


Soo cute


This was given to my son as a gift and it's really a lot of fun. My son loves this toy. Everytime the bear dances, he cracks up. I love all the different options for music and noise. This is a really fun toy. The bear on top is on very well. My son continuously tries to pull him off and he has yet to succeed. The dancing bear really keeps babies entertained. I love that it has 3 different height levels. It sits on the floor, then moves up for them when they are able to be on their knees and the final height it for standing up. These adjustments make it very easy to pack up and travel with. The only downside I have seen is that it is not a very good toy for babies to pull themselves up on. My son was working on going from his knees to a full stand and the toy toppled over on him. Luckily he wasn't hurt but I wish they could find some way to make it heavier in the bottom to decrease the tipping. Other than that it's a great toy.


Warrensburg, MO


Vtech Sit-to-Stand Dancing Tower

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