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Vornado 733 Air Circulator

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Great - But didn't blow me away as much as Honeywell!


I have both a Vornado fan and a Honeywell fan of the same size. They look almost exactly the same, although I would have to say that the Honeywell fan works a bit better than the Vornado. Still, this Vornado fan has lasted me many years, and it is still blowing strong. I have this fan in my kitchen because I don't have air conditioning, and it really helps whenever I am cooking or when I have people over. It is super quiet, I have to say. I always forget it is on! I think that the speed control is easier to use than the Honeywell fan. It is definitely one powerful little fan, and with a summer like this, it is definitely a must-have!

Chicago, IL


I can't sleep without my Vornado!


I am a woman that hates two things: being hot when I sleep and total silence when trying to do so. There is nothing more uncomfortable to me that laying in bed sweating in total silence. I bought my Vornado in an effort to avoid both problems, and it has been a great success. I run it year round to avoid the silence, but in the winter, just use the lowest speed. In the summer, I'll crank up the dial to the highest, and I found it to be the most effective fan I've ever utilized (and I've lived in several places with less-than-ideal cooling systems). It was a bit expensive, but I figured that if a good night's sleep wasn't worth paying for, what was? I've ever brought the fan with me on road trips, for fear that I'll lose out on a comfortable rest. It's always been worth the effort, and I would recommend spending a little more than you may have planned to buy a quality product.

Trenton, NJ


This fan produces a tornado!


If you're in need of a fan, this is the one fan you will want and love! This fan has several settings and is small enough to put in a corner of a room. It produces a lot of wind and you can actually feel the air circulating in the room, even if you're not right in front of the fan. It's great when used with the air conditioner because it will circulate the hot air down to the ground which the air conditioner can cool down. It is also quiet for the amount of wind it produces! The only thing it doesn't do is swivel. I would love it even more if it had the option to swivel back and forth, thought that might really cause a tornado in the room! I have gotten one for the living room and one for my bedroom and they work great!

New York, NY


Vornado 733 Air Circulator

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