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Table Fan
CR1-0005-06, 510W
Vornado 510 Table Fan

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best little fan in the world!


This little fan is one of the best things to own. It keeps you cool on stifling hot days and keeps air circulating around you all day. This fan is used in my office at work without which I would be very hot during the summers. Most of the other administrative assistants have these fans as well and we all use them from time to time, some more than others. It runs quietly and blows just the right amount of air on you to keep you cool but not so much that it makes you cold. some of my friends us it just to kee the air around their work space fresh and moving. It has a variety of fan speeds and all run the same quite level. Buy and use in your home or office and you will not be dissapointed. Enjoy the ride!

Taylors, SC


Vornado 510 Table Fan is small, yet powerful


The Vornado 510 Table Fan is a small but powerful fan.  We don't have AC in our house so we rely on our fan to keep us cool on those hot, summer days.  It is very powerful and really circulates the air well in a room.  There are three settings on this fan and it so quiet when it is on the lowest setting that we can even have it on while we sleep.  The Vornado is made of a very sturdy plastic material and the small size makes it portable so you can move it easily from one room to another.  And the fan is also very reliable and durable.  My husband has had this Vornado since he was in college over ten years ago and it is still working great.  We love this fan so much that we bought a second one for the garage to use when we are exercising.  In fact, I've even caught the beagle standing in front of it letting the fan blow his long, droopy ears up on a hot summer day.  Overall, this is a great fan and I would highly recommend it.

Union City, CA


Not a fan of this fan.


This fan performed poorly. Was not what I expected. This fan is very under sized even for a table fan. very noisey, The design of this fan is awful. When I turned on the fan it would rock back and forth like it was unstable. Not a powerful fan. Hardly blew any air. When having this fan set on it's highest setting it still  didn't blow any cool air. This fan is over priced. Not worth the time or money.

Mobile, AL


it works well!


Well i like that it is small because that means I could put it just about anywhere, on the floor, on the table ,in the window, or in the kitchen! I also like the different settings so I can choose how strong I want the air flow to be. You can really feel the air that the fan blows out which is good because some fans you cant' even feel the air coming out and can't intern get cooled off with this one you can! It is also good because it turns and moves in all directions so it is also cirrculating all of the air, which is good for your breathing and helps to make sure allergies don't pop up. The only bad thing might be that it might not make as much air as a bigger fan would, but this one is just more convient if thats what your looking for.

Melrose Park, IL


Best fan I've ever owned. Really moves a large volume of air


One sentence sums it up really nicely.  It can move a large volume of air for its size.  Not much else to say except that it does what it advertises, and better than most other fan manufacturers products to boot.

Pearl City, HI


Vornado 510 Table Fan

4.2 5