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Voice Changer II (New Style)
Voice Changer II (New Style) - Phone Adapter

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Change sounds great ^_^


A wonderful machine in the sound change tried was better than the others




I can change my gender with a flip of a switch. Bet you can't!


***Quick View:*** I have a few overprotective friends. One is always worried when my family goes away and I am home alone. I don't worry, but he worries about me. A while ago, right before my husband and sons went on one of their boys only trips, a package arrived in the mail. It was a **Voice Changer II (New Style) Phone Adapter.** I had NO idea what it was but I soon learned. This thing can change your voice into eight different tones - from cartoonish to deeply masculine. Haha. I didn't need this thing but it was a thoughtful gift from a friend who insisted I answer the phone with a "man's voice". Well, I did try but I laughed through the whole conversation. It's more for fun. Plus I felt like a kidnapper or something!***About the Voice Changer II (New Style) Phone Adapter***This adapter looks like an MP3 player or something similar. It is a small grey box with a volume slider and eight pitch settings from Michael Jackson high to James Earl Jones low. Set up is really simple. Plug the handset cord into the adapter so that the thing is between the phone and the wall. It works slightly differently with different phones and I had to use it on a corded phone. I couldn't understand how to use it on a cordless phone and the instructions are ridiculously hard to understand, seemingly translated from a foreign language. It takes two AA batteries which seem to last a long time.From the makers:* * Built-In Amplifier * Comapatible with most telephones including office systems * Compact portable design * 2 AA Batteries (not included)*I was kind of eager to see how this thing would work so I called my friend who sent it to me using a man's voice (lowest pitch). He didn't know it was me at first but he also said it sounded like I was using a voice changer and not like a true, real man's voice. Great, now I really felt like a kidnapper!When the boys were off fishing, when I saw a number on my caller ID that I knew, I would choose a voice and answer. I loved when people I knew said they had the wrong number or questioned who I was. It was fun but seriously, who would use something like this for real? I did manage to fool a "courtesy caller" into thinking I was the man of the house though. Bwahaha.After a weekend of fun, I unhooked the voice changer and rarely use it now. It's really more of a novelty but you CAN change your voice and people won't recognize you. I have no idea why anyone would want to do that on a regular basis but there you have it. In my case, when I am alone, if I don't know the number calling, I just let the machine pick up the phone and wait for the message. I don't need a voice changer. When I showed my son, he ordered a pizza as a woman though and got a huge kick out of the guy on the other end calling him ma'am. lol.I have zero experience with other voice changers so I have no idea how this stacks up to others. It does change your voice in eight pitches and it is very, very easy to use. However, your voice often sounds strange and not natural. Still, I GUESS if you live alone and are a woman and want to simulate that a hulking man is answering the phone, you could. Whether the person on the other end will be convinced, I have no idea. I find this is just a novelty and I use it as such now and then.***My Viewpoint***The **Voice Changer II (New Style) Phone Adapter **isn't cheap at around $65.00 but is less expenive than many others. It is a simple little thing that anyone can use easily. The pitch of your real voice truly determines how you will sound using different pitches. Men with very low voices won't sound like a little girl and women with very high pitched voices won't sound like a 400 pound bouncer. However, the pitch changes do change your real voice and make it unrecognizable. I convinced people I was a man and my son convinced the pizza guy he was a woman. Or maybe they were just being polite. Ha! This is a fun gadget but by no means a security item or anything I would give to an elderly woman living alone to make her feel safer. I just don't think it works that way. Still, it does what it says and is fun to use. I am going with ***4 stars*** just because it is simple, and does, indeed, change your voice. Get it for fun, not for kidnapping please!


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Voice Changer II (New Style) - Phone Adapter

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