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Vlasic Tabasco Flavored Kosher Dill Spear Pickles

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These spicy pickles add some zip to your sandwiches!


I normally only buy the kind of pickles that you find in the refrigerated section.  Those kinds of pickles have the kind of flavor and crunch that I like, but while shopping for my husband's jarred jalapenos, I saw something that caught my eye, **Vlasic Tabasco Flavored Kosher Dill Spear Pickles.  ** These pickles have the same tangy, dill flavor that traditional jarred pickles have, but with the spicy, vinegary flavor of Tabasco.  The result is a delicious, spicy pickle that really enhances your food.  My husband and I really like spicy food, so we use a lot of hot sauce, salsa and spicy seasonings in our cooking.  My first thought about these **Vlasic Tabasco Flavored Kosher Dill Spear Pickles **is how good they would be in a tuna sandwich, and they are.  They bring that vinegar/dill flavor, but also a nice bite from the Tabasco. Besides adding these to my tuna, they also make a nice addition to a sandwich.  Since they come in spears, I just slice them thinly on the sandwich and they are so good!  These pickles might be a little too much for some people, but if you do like the flavor of Tabasco, and you like pickles, they are definitely worth a try.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Vlasic Tabasco Flavored Kosher Dill Spear Pickles

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