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Vizio - Vizio VF550XVT

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Best TV available for the price


This TV is amazing.  I was looking at 47 in. models because of the prices but found this 55 in. for the same price or cheaper than other smaller models.  Obviously there is going to be a little difference between a Vizio and a higher end TV but for the normal viewer you wont be able to see a difference.  This Vizio has all of the latest technology, a huge screen, a great picture, and all for a low price.  I do like that it is simple to use but has all the extras if you want them.  I can use custom settings for the picture or scroll through pre-sets like golf, movie, vivid, etc. to change the picture according to what I'm watching.  This TV was easy to set up--only took me a few minutes from the getting it out of the box to watching TV.  It's easy to use--the remote is simple, the menu selection process is easy to understand, even for non-techie people.  The picture is the same, if not better, than any other high-end TV.  For the price, you can't beat it.  The only negative I have is the sound quality.  It does the job but is nothing special.  The great thing about it, though, is I can still go by a nice surround sound system and still end up spending less overall than what I would have paid to get the same size TV but different brand.  Overall, I would highly recommend this TV.  Sporting events will never be the same and watching movies is awesome!

West Dundee, IL


Movie Night


This is a great TV. I have a 50" and a 32". You will feel like your wacthing movies in a whole new way, you'll want to wacth movies all of the time. You can also hook up your computre and use it as a computer monitor. My 52" also came with a great surround sound kit. It makes the whole house shack when wacthing action movies. 

Saint Louis, MO


Vizio - Vizio VF550XVT

5.0 2