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Vizio - HDT Television

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I have started to ENJOY MY Vizio - VW 26L DTV


***You may have seen my initial [June 2008] Review of the Vizio - VW 26L HDTV when I first purchased it.  I did not have much positive to say about it...pixels drive me Nuts, signal has to adjust, unpredictable TV-VIEWING, etc.***  More and worse problems occurred after the 2009 TV-signal-change.  For quite a while, I had to regularly [weekly] scan my TV Channels.  I would lose viewing of channels 2, 4, and 50 - that's a lot of channels when you don't have cable and/or satellite TV.  I have BASIC TV - I don't pay to watch TV. **But now I enjoy my VIZIO VW26L HDTV much more!**  I feel confident now with getting all my basic TV Channels.  I even bought a Plug-and-Play Game! Some of the **FEATURES I ENJOY MOST** include: - **ON-SCREEN TV-GUIDE** - up to 2 days program-viewing - **EASY connection for PLUG-AND-PLAY GAMES** [in place of my VCR connection] - **SLEEP TIMER** - *although I fall asleep before I even think about using the feature!* - **SCREEN SIZE OPTIONS** - WIDE, FULL I felt that one purpose of my purchasing an HDTV was ease-of-transition to the New Signal at February 2009.  Early on, following my purchase of the Vizio - VW 26L HDTV, I purchased a Lazy Susan, on which to place my HDTV - so that I could easily rotate the TV for signal-finding and ease-of-viewing from the chair or sofa.  Some people have found that they need an Antenna for their HDTV.  Prior to purchasing the Lazy Susan, I had to keep the TV STAND at an angle. To date, I have found the proper TV-positioning on the Lazy Susan for my TV Signals. My only complaint that I have now is that when using the remote control, ***THE CHANNELS CHANGE TOO SLOW FOR ME.*** There is too long of several seconds-pause between channel-changing...***too slow for the fast-paced world!***

Oak Park, MI


Great picture.


I like this has a great picture and was reasonably priced.  What scares me is now the longer I've had it, the longer it seems to take to turn on.  Right now we're at about 40 seconds from the time you press power until the actual picture shows up.  Seems to be taking longer and longer, worried about what will happen next!

Kenosha, WI


Vizio 37" HDTV Fantastic picture


I have the Vizio 37" HDTV and I absolutely love it.  The picture and sound quality and great.  I would recommend this television to anyone.  The price was also very good when bought and have had no problems with the set.

Galesburg, IL


Vizio VW26L great buy...


Great TV for the money.  Picture is awesome!  The sound, however was undesireable, especially commercials until I added some computer speakers using the headphone jack (a little velcro holds them to the TV nicely as I have the TV hanging from the ridge beam of the of our log home).  Turned the volume to the max on the speakers and am able to control the volume from the remote.  N.

Tyngsboro, MA


Vizio - HDT Television

4.0 4