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Vizio - 55 in. HDTV TV

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55 inches of glory


Vizio has rocketed to the top of the heap as far as TV's go these days.  Their first offerings were dismay failures, but the products they are putting out now are extremely competitive in pricing, features and quality. My 55" VF550M replaced a 42" Hitachi plasma that was adaquate but not great. the difference between my old tv and the vizio is night and day. The step up in size was the first thing I noticed,  it looked nearly 2x the size.  being such a large screen it took 2 people to safely mount on my entertainment center. I chose to mount on a swinging pivot arm not the supplied base.  set up was super easy as with all these tvs now with HDMI.  of which there are 5. (eddie izzard reference for all you nerds out there).  The picture is decent right out of the box, but can improve tremendously if you take the time to calibrate your screen using the various techniques out there. When viewing blu-rays from my panasonic BD player, it's spectacular. black levels are quite nice. there are of course better out there, but not at this price range.  PC gaming or HTPC usage is awesome at the native 1920x1080 resolution.  PS3 games look amazing.

Sugar Land, TX


Was the cheapest, and the best


This tv was the cheapest when we were looking at tvs. But it has been a great tv, better than other name brands I have bought in the past. Would recommend it to anyone. Has a great view, great sound, easy to clean and easy to setup.

Jamestown, TN




The color and clarity of the picture on the Vizio 55" HD television are phenomenal.  Watching sports on tv is better than being at the game in person.  TV programs are crisp and sharp.  The brilliance of the colors is amazing.  The large screen makes you feel like your at the movies, but better because you're in the comfort of your own home.   

Stratford, CT


The Vizio 55" TV is a good product at a great price.


I purchased the Vizio 55" TV to replace my 32" CRT TV and I could not be happier.  The product cost a third less then the major brands but was close enough in quality to not matter.  The extra HDMI connectors this TV has will come in handy when you start realizing how many things use this connection.  I have three items plugged in now cable box, PS3, and HTPC.  So don't say only a couple is enough when it comes to these. The picture quality is terrific when I play a blu-ray movie and you can really see the detail even if you sit just a few feet from the TV.   I also play PS3 games and don't see any lag from the TV which I have heard can happen on LCD TVs. With all these good things comes a few bad things first of all the smooth motion settings cause the images to tear from my experience which is a disadvantage although I'm not sure if the more expensive TVs don't tear when they implement a similar feature.  However playing the movie normally and it will look fine. My second complaint is the shiny black plastic around the TV that reflects light like crazy and can be distracting.  I especially notice this when the light from the TV relects off this surface. Overall I like my TV and I'm glad I got a good deal on it as they TVs just keep getting better and cheaper.  If you are in the market for a large TV at a decent price this might be the model for you.

Baltimore, MD


Vizio - 55 in. HDTV TV

4.5 4