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Vizio - 42 in. LCD TV

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Good TV.... until the warranty runs out...


This TV has turned into a money pit.. Has anyone else had trouble with Green or Red lines (or "fuzz") appearing on their TV? We bought a 42" Vizio in Feb 2009, had it for less than a month when Red "Fuzz" took over every black/dark colored place on the picture.. Vizio sent a repairman and problem was repaired.. now, warranty is gone and a green "fuzz" has taken over!! I'm SO livid! This TV was my husband's "Pride N Joy" .. This is obviously some kind of "defect" .. Anyone else had this issue? I'm seriously thinking that my next TV will be anything BUT a Vizio....


Flippin, AR


great pic, sound quality and price!


We bought this Vizio 42" lcd tv back in May of this year. We have been really impressed with both the picture quality and the audio. It was priced significantly lower than its competitors and available on display at our local supercenter. We got a great deal on it. I was expecting mediocrity because of the price, but it really turned out to be a quality tv. The pic is great with dvds, cable, and videogames, the tv has multiple inputs so that hooking up various devices to it is a breeze. We have been really pleased with this purchase and have gone on to purchase smaller Vizio's for other rooms in our home. The audio is great and when turned up really high for watching dvd it feels like you are in a theater. Our parents bought a comparable lcd tv and paid well over twice what we did for the same size, and have terrible audio, and colored spots in the corner of the screen on theirs. It was a more well known brand, and theirs is falling apart and they have only had it since january. So i really think in comparison, that this is a quality tv, and we have really enjoyed having a large LCD for our living room. It makes watching a dvd that much more entertaining, even for the kids. Overall a great buy, and highly recommended to anyone in the market for a new lcd tv. 


Florence, AZ


I bought a Vizio Tv for my husband and to him I can do no wrong


We are so happy with our television. The picture quality is amazing . I love the fact that we can have our surround sound, dvd, vcr, and playstation plugged in and still have the ability to plug in our digital camera and video camera. Definately recommend.


Livingston, CA


Great tv that has good sound but i don't like the remote.


The tv has a great sound system and clear picture. The tv remote looks old fashoined and is not a good remote. Could of done better than that. Other than the remote this tv is wonderful and i would reccomend it to others!


Lorain, OH


Disappointing customer service on an unreliable product


We purchased our Vizio 42" LCD as our first flat-screen TV. From the beginning, we had nothing but problems. When I compare the TV to what we had before, yes, we can get a good picture, if we work at it. But the Vizio has had audio problems, video problems, and remote problems. Trying to get Vizio to service this large-screened disappointment has been the biggest problem of all. They replaced the motherboard, replaced it again, replaced the TV; we finally bought a surround-sound system so that we could hear the shows. When I called one week before our warrantee ran out and told them the remote didn't work--AGAIN, they put us through a workout: turn it off, unplug the TV (difficult, where it is), push all the buttons twice, plug the TV in...and of course, the remote worked. Once. When I called them back several days later, they refused to help because the warrantee was over. They claimed that since the remote worked, once, the week before, it was okay!


Laguna Hills, CA


Vizio 42" LCD Attractive, Great Pictue and Phenomenal Sound


I looked all over and watched dozens of competitive sets and when all was done I found the Vizio 42 inch LCD TV set to be the BEST BUY for the money.  I looked at Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Samsung, Phillips, Hitachi, Pioneer, Sharp Aquos, RCA and Magnavox and nothing compared with this picture for the price.  The quality delivered in the areas of sound and picture are second to none.  The expansive digital tuner is great.  The picture is very bright, clear and lifelike.  The word natural is a great fit for watching this set.  It is like watching a live performance.  The screen is large and the one to have.  Now that I have had the opportunity to watch this set I am thouroughly convinced that I made the right choice and that this set is a premier performer in the category.  I would recommend this et to anyone that has the room because this picture fills the room with great entertainment.  This is a winner!!


Grapevine, TX


i bought a visizo tv hd and its the best tv i've ever seen.


we bought a 42" viszio hd tv in dec. its perfect . has enough hookups in the back for everything.the picture and sound quality are superb.took it out of the box and that wasit . needed no adjustments, it was ready to go got it at walmarts and it was the best money we've ever spent. i would recomend this tv to any one that wants a good flat  panel hd tv.


Bloomingdale, MI


Vizio - 42 in. LCD TV

3.7 7