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Vizio - 32 in. TV

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Awesome and Cheap


I bought this tv in december last year(2009). I bought it cause i read a lot of reviews  and liked what i read. When i first got it home i was very impressed with the picture quality and sound. The sound is very nice, clear and loud. The tv only has two hdmi inputs but it's plenty. I use this tv for gaming with my ps3 and watching videos through my western digital media player which i plug into the tv through the hdmi. The remote control it comes with is also nice, i remember reading somewhere people saying it was bad, I don't know what they were talking about because i find it responsive and well built. This tv also comes with audio out (red and white rca outputs) I use it to plug it into my home surround sound whenever i watch movies or play video games and it sounds fantastic Another cool feature is that this television has a pc input (RGB) i sometimes plug in my pc to watch pictures of my family and friends. The only bad part is that it can take a little long to start (like 3 to 4seconds) but its not a big deal, i think most tvs do that.



You get what you pay for.


My brother said he would buy me a tv for my birthday and we went to costco to pick one out. I ended up picking the vizio because of the reasonable price for a 32". It was much cheaper than other brands like sony or samsung.  When i got home it was very easy to set up and was very good. It picked up all the channels and was easy to set up the HDMI. For some reason i only get 720i instead of the 1080p that i hoped. The picture was decent quality.  I really liked this tv until a friend of mine got sony 32" as well. I must say the sony picture was far superior to the vizio. The picture was much clearer and crisp. After that my vizio just didnt seem as clear anymore. Also the refresh rate was very slow. Changing channels always seem to take a second to load which sucks when you are trying to flip through channels to find something that you like.  ALl in all i would not recommend this tv. If you are looking for a cheap tv then this is the way to go, but if you dont mind spending a few extra bucks for a higher quality tv i think you should buy a sony or samsung. 

Gardena, CA


wouldnt recomend it this vizo tv.


Well my boyfriend bought this tv becuse it was a good price for this type of tv. We didnt over use we used it a normal amount of time and loved it but slowly it got bad. First the picture would get all fuzzy at times and we thought it was the wireing and after looking and expermenting with the wires it was not the wires. The wired thing was it started happening a little after the warrenty ran out about a year after we got it. So after the screen would become fuzzy the tv would randomly just shut off on us. We would be watching tv and it just shut off the light and every thing. At first we would be able to turn it back on but then after about a month of it doing that we soon had to start unplugging it and plugging it back in just for it to turn on. Then finally it wouldnt stay on for more then a second no matter what we did. The light would flash a few times make a little cliky sound and just stop. Now if you want to fix it it going to cost you alot so we trashed it it is not worth it.

Danielson, CT


Great HDTV for the price.


When I decided to upgrade to HDTV I wanted a good television that wouldn't break the bank. I shopped around and finally settled on the Vizeo VO320E which I purchased from Dell. The television arrived in a few days and was packaged well. There was no damage incurred in shipping. I set up the television in less than 30 minutes. The input and output plugs are easy to access and simple to understand and connect. One the cable and HDMI to the DVD player were attached I set up the features. I used auto-scan to find the channels and it does take awhile. It finds both digital and analog signals. I did not want the analog so I ran the search again just for digital signals. It found all the channels I am used to and a few more I didn't realize were available. Once the channels were locked in I set the audio and video to my liking. Both audio and video have presets available to make setup fast as well as manual settings so set it specifically how you like it. I am very happy with this television, it has great display, a reasonable cost and the features are easy to use.

Pipestone, MN


Great TV


I have purchased the TV about a month ago and am loving it!  It is perfect size for me and hangs nicely on the wall.  I have been playing an xbox 360 on it and am loving the picture.  I have been using component, but am going to buy HDMI for even better quality.  The sound is great although I use a headset for gaming.  It also has a USB port which I use to power my headset.  I  am really enjoying this tv and am rating it 5/5.  If you are looking for a good deal, I would buy this TV!

Woodstock, GA


Great quality tv


I got this tv for christmas 2009 and it has worked flawlessly one year later. It is a 720p 60Hz 32" tv with all the standard inputs you expect from an hdtv including hdmi, component, composite and pc. The glossy remote is simplistic and very easy to use. The Vizio logo lights up white when the tv is on and is orange when it s off. when watching tv the logo is not distracting as it is not very bright. One thing i do notice is that it takes a while to boot up once the tv is turned on lasting about 5 seconds before you see an actual picture which you quickly get used to. The picture quality is fantastic and 720p on a 32" tv is perfectly adequate since most people can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a screen of this size. One thing i was disappointed in was the fact that there is no accurate on-screen clock. I say this because it only displays the time according to the show you're watching. For example if you are watching a half-hour show at 5pm it says 5:00-5:30 along with the name of the show. It has a basic on-screen guide that only displays what is currently on but not what is upcoming. Overall the tv is a great value for the money with a solid build quality.

eureka, CA


you will not regret this


this outstanding tv has a fab picture. many great fetures to enjoy. the value for money i cant stress enough. hook this boy up to a sound system and your all done. movies on blue ray offer amazing crisp quility and sound. please buy this tv as its the best value out there. i got it black friday for less the 300  

Balsam, NC


Vizio is a great television


I bought this Sony Vizio  year ago at Walmart. I bought it because of the great picture on the store display television, and the very reasonable price. I got it home, and had no problem getting it set up. It was very easy to get it up and running. I was incredibly pleased with the picture quality, and after getting it all programmed, enjoyed watching a game on it. The colors have great depth and saturation. My wife thought it was too bright, but it is easily adjustable, so she can change it later. The screen is very flat, and the image is clear and not pixalated. The sound was just mediocre, unless you hook it up to surround sound. The one thing I did not like is the remote that come with the television. The layout is not user friendly, and the buttons were too small.  If you want to buy this television, make sure you buy a combo remote that is easy to use. I would defenitely recommend the Vizio television.

Mesa, AZ


32" Vizio TV is great for any room in the house


I've had the 32" Vizio TV for almost 2 years and still love it. The picture and sound are still clear and sharp and the menu is easy to navigate with preset or customized settings for any changes needed to make the experience the best it can be.  The TV also offers 8 different inputs, which can all be labeled depending on what you have hooked up. For example, we have the XBOX hooked up to "Comp 1" and with labeling the Comp 1 as XBOX, there is no need check each input when we forget where it is.  It is great for the entire family whether the kids are watching cartoons, we're watching sports or playing video games. It is also simple and easy to hook the laptop into the back and watch videos or view photos at high sound and picture quality. I didn't give it 5 stars for the only reason the wall mount had to be bought separate. Overall, a great TV I suggest to all my friends.

Whitingham, VT


Vizio- Really clear picture!


My husband and i bought the Vizio in march it was out first Vizio purchase! Very easy hook up, the picture was so clear that it took a little getting used to but not in a bad way! We've really enjoyed watching movies on it. Only thing i didn't like was on day 2, the remote fell off our book shelf (2 feet from ground) onto the carpet and broke the battery door. So, the batteries fall out all day but we haven't made any efforts to get it replaced yet. Another draw back is the sound all the way up can still at times be too quiet where we have to turn our air or fan off to hear but we just planned on getting surround sound to fix it! With both the pros and cons in mind i still relly like and don't regret the purchase!

Portage, MI


Vizio - 32 in. TV

4.3 12