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Vizio 32 - in. LCD TV

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Great value, great TV, great purchase!


This TV is great for anyone who wants a crisp picture but not too large of a television. At 32 inches this TV would fit into any room that needs a little more entertainment in it. It is not too big but at the same time it is in no way too small. It has a sleek design that would go with any decor in any room. The picture is very clear for HDMI hookups through HD channels. It is not the top of the line picture but unless you compare televisions side by side you may never be able to tell the difference. It is a great picture on a great TV. The availability of hookups along the back of the TV allow more input than one can imagine. RGB, HDMI, PC component. You can hookup any video game, any DVR box, most PCs and laptops. Overall because Vizio is not a huge name in televisions (although it is quickly growing) you do not have to pay just to own a TV with their name on it so it is a great value for what you get. Nowadays it is not the most clear picture but it is the best picture you can get for the price it is going for. And the one time I had to deal with their customer service they were very helpful and resolved my issue.

Champaign, IL


I will never buy any other brand of TV than Vizio !


Bought this television because it was the cheapest LCD available at the time-after three years of ownership, I would never consider buying another brand!  Vizio is reliable, long-lasting, and excellent quality.  After seeing family members return Sony and Samsung brand televisions over and over for poor performance or malfunctions, I am glad I decided to take a chance on the little guys!

Blackfoot, ID


Vizio 32 - in. LCD TV

4.5 2