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Vizio - 32 in. LCD TV

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Quality Vizio TV


When we bought our new house it had a game room in it. We decided to put a television in it and bought a shelf at Ikea. When we got home and went to put our old television on it we found it was too big. Because of that we went out right then looking for an affordable, flat screen television that would fit our needs. We debated between 720 and 1080, but decided that since it was an extra television for a game room that we would go with the lesser. It was our first flat screen television, and though our others aren't Vizio, this one has stood up well. We haven't had any issues and the picture is a good quality. Our children are the primary users, and they have no complaints. They find it easy to use, and it has stood up to being picked on and rubbed on by their little fingers. It is not the highest quality tv out there, but for the price it does a great job. It would recommend it for anyone looking for a secondary televsion, especially for kid although it is also great for adults.

Little Elm, TX


Waht a view


I went from an analog TV to this Vizio Flat screen LCD and my goodness what a wonderful difference.  I am an older person and the switch from the old heavy duty TVs to this wonderful light weight is marvelous.  The picture quality is just great!!

Martinsburg, WV


Awesome Tv to own!


After about an hour or so in the store. I finally decided on this one. From the start when taking this baby out of the box, I was like "oh yeah". It's very nice for any style room, shows up picture perfect. I do not regret getting this one at all. All the extra plug in features are a plus. If I could I would get another. I'm sold on Vizio!

Douglas, GA


Great TV for the price


This is a great TV.  I was looking for a low cost TV that was big enough to view movies and TV on - but small enough to put in the bedroom or office.  I put this TV in my office so I could watch my sporting events while working on my computer.  It also has a VGA connection in the back so I can use it as a secondary monitor.  I love this feature - it works great for viewing web pages with a group of people, I can watch tv shows online on my TV now so I don't have to squint at my smaller monitor.  It also works great with basic cable and has a very clear picture - even in standard definition.  I have an upconvert DVD player hooked to it as well which looks really great for my whole movie collection that is in SD.  Being able to use it as a secondary monitor also allows me to let my kids watch a TV show or movie through the web while I get my work done on my other monitor.  I would recommend this TV to anyone not wanting to spend a lot on a LCD TV but still end up with a great product.

Sioux Center, IA


Vizio - 32 in. LCD TV

4.3 4