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Vizio - 22 in. LCD TV

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Excellent quality for what ever you watch


Excellent TV. Terrific sharp picture and stylish. Picture Quality The picture is very good almost 3-D but it's not, that's how sharp it is Sound Quality Sound is very clear and doesn't go in and out Durability It is very strong but is not cumbersome Design Very nice design The flat screen doesn't take up much room Performance Very reliable, I have never had a problem with it.


Jackson, NJ


Vizio is the best tv i've ever had


I love this T.V. !! My 10 year old T.V. stopped responding to remotes last year so I thought its time for an upgrade. My dad went out and got me this cute Vizio for me for Christmas. I set it up in now time and started enjoying it right away. It had a big clear screen. At the time we had basic cable but with this new Vizio I started to pick up a few HD channels that I hadn't had with my old junker T.V. Its a very sleek, thin and perfect size T.V. for me. Now that I have At&t U verse, its even better. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to upgrade to a HDTV for a decent price.


Westmont, IL


Very Satisfied


I bought this TV last June and it still works like a charm.  Easy setup and there isn't very much to complain about.  It's a 720p television that's able to display up to 1080i which is great.  I know that some people may dog on this television because it's not 1080p, but it is capable of displaying 1080p with a PlayStation 3 to my surprise.  However that shouldn't be much of an issue because not many people besides tech savvy individuals notice the difference between 720p and 1080i or 1080p.  


San Diego, CA


CAN'T live without it!!!


I had been in need of a new television for a very long time and had been looking at different kinds for months and months.  I needed something that was going to be very budget friendly, provide me more bang for my buck, had a good reputation, a warantee, and many different styles.  After some research online and from family members and friends, I decided to start looking at this brand of flat screen televisions.  When I saw this one on sale, I jumped at the opportunity and hoped that the screen would be as clear as people were telling me. I am so glad that I decided to purchase it! I absolutely do not know what I did before I bought this television! It was the best purchase I've made in a very long time!!!! The picture is extremely clear; the remote control and menu options are easy to use; and the connections for game consoles and dvd players are simple! And best of all, it was a very affordable purchase. Love it!


Columbia, SC


The Vizio 22" lcd tv has great quality and is easy to hook up.


***I had never purchased a HDTV so I didn't know what I really ******needed to look for. I had decided that I wanted a Vizio so I started ******looking online and this one had the best price for what I was looking for. I ordered it online and as soon as I got it found it was very easy to hook up and I quickly got my X-Box 360 and satellite working right. I also started using it as a computer monitor and liked it alot better than my old monitor. It is a great tv with great picture quality and sound. It has a clear picture and you can adjust it just how you want it. I ordered it for my bedroom and it is great for smaller rooms. I also use it as a monitor for my computer and it's alot better than my old monitor.  I have not had any problems with it. I have had it for a few months and still enjoy it very much. It's my first HDTV and I am very glad that I got this one instead of a different brand. If you are looking for a smaller HDTV with almost perfect picture and sound this is the one to choose.***


Columbia, MS


My favorite!


All i can say is OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS TV! We recieved this last year as a Christmas gift from my mother, all we had was a tiny 15 inch Sanyo TV and she knew we could use something else. Especially since the year before she had given us a PS2 and we were having trouble seeing the games clearly on our other TV. I was so excited when i opened this up and as soon as we got home that evening we had this baby hooked up and running. It took no time to get it going, it was very very simple. The only thing i hate is that our PS2 doesn't have the spot for the HDMI cable so we can't get the HD for our video games or DVD's we watch on there. That's certainly nothing i will die without because it's just wonderful enough to be able to see a HUGE CLEAR picture on the tv and not have to strain to read words or make out what something is supposed to be. It's been almost a year now and we haven't had any troubles out of this TV and as far as i've seen it doesn't use up a ton of power either! It's definitely worth purchasing if you ask me!


Winston Salem, NC


Vizio - 22 in. LCD TV

5.0 6