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Vivitar - Vivicam 5018 Digital Camera

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The price reflects the quality.


I was bought this camera as a cheap little accesory to take along to the stables. I asked people to take photos of me riding my horse and everyone said they had problems working it, and all but one of the photos turned out blurry and unprofessional. I might as well have taken photos using a pebble. After it's long day of *work*, the camera need charging up, and I did so. After a day of charging (It was definitely on charge) the camera would no longer turn on. **Thank god it's cheap.**

Warren, PA


cheap camera


This camera is cheap with below average performance. Its battery life sucks. The battery drain out after every few pics. the imgae qualityis also not that good. This camera can only be used as a child's toy, where children can experience photography and its cheap so even if it breaks, parents don't need to worry. The comapny can atleast improve upon its qualitya little bit.

Sunnyvale, CA




I picked this camera up for my son for Christmas and thought that I was getting a good deal on it because of the 5.1 mp the 4x digital zoom the video feature and so on. Boy was I wrong. The display screen does not even show what you are aiming at in the house. I guess you have to be in really good light in order for that display screen to pick up. I pointed it at the Christmas tree and the only thing that I was able to see on the display screen were the lights. The video feature works but guess what on playback there is no sound. What good is a video with no sound. I guess we will have to hold up signs when using that feature. This camera comes with a usb cable and a strap so you have to buy your own memoray card which can be found pretty much anywhere at reasonable prices. Overall this camera sucks. We have not tried to take any pictures outside yet but indoor use is pretty useless. I would say don't buy this product.

Duncan, SC


Vivitar - Vivicam 5018 Digital Camera

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