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Vivitar - ViviCam 5385 Digital Camera

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Simple to use


I have a great nephew who has discovered his mother's camera.  So I shopped around for his Christmas gift with a great idea; his own digital camera.  I found the Vivitar ViviCam in the store and had the opportunity to use it before making a decision.  Perfect for him and simple to use.  It has everything he needs and can understand and have a great time with.  I made the purchase and believe he will be very pleased.

Checotah, OK


It takes verygood pictures, and I am well pleased with it


I received this camera from my brother as a gift, and so many people talk about what a good camera it is, as the pictures always come out great no matter what kind of film chip I use. I always know I am going to get a good set of pictures every time I use it. i don't have a picture of camera, but do have one of the picture it ook of my Christmas Cactus.

Copperhill, TN


Good for pics,but it doesnt have a very large memory or speakers


Its fu  for on the go, but when redording video it doesnt record but a few seconds, and doesnt have and speakers. It has a pretty good battery life. if you dont have a memory card for the camera you can always load the memory straight to the computer via USB connectivity. It has many settings such as Sepia, Tint, light, etc. It also has motion settings to help keep your images from being too blurry.

Ash, NC


Vivitar - ViviCam 5385 Digital Camera

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