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Vitantonio belgian waffler

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great waffler


We saw this in a store and our love for Belgian Waffles came to mind, so we purchased it. It turns out we made plain, whole wheat, and oatmeal waffles. They were so good, i decided i did not want to spend any more money at the waffle house. We put fancy maple syrup on the plain ones, which are real good, on the whole wheat we tried maple syrup and strawberries - out of this world! On the oatmeal waffles, we tried homemade apple butter and sprinkled cinnamon sugar - well, i want to tell you - that is such a treat. The fun is filling up the big squares with the fruit and syrup. Next week we are taking the waffle maker to my kids' house to make breakfast for them.  And we are going to try the whole wheat waffles with strawberries and maple syrup, but this time we are going to sprinkle powdered sugar on top and see the reaction. The best part is that this waffler makes waffles wicked fast, so you can keep everyone happy at breakfast.


Corinth, VT


Vitantonio belgian waffler

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