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Vitamix 64-Speed Blender 1365

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Workhorse of a machine


I first purchased the Vitamix from an online retailer in 2012, expecting it to work as advertised. Let me tell you, it did work as advertised, and quite frankly has exceeded my expectations. I would be hard pressed to find another machine that does what a Vitamix does. And as advertised, you can fill the container nearly to the top, and it will not overflow while removing the lid. The tamper makes easy work of pushing ingredients down into the blade, and once there the machine takes over.This is a small investment, but if you consider the cost of all of the other blenders that you have spent money on, it would most likely add up to more than this Vitamix. Blending Power Whole vegetables and fruits, skin, seeds and stems...no problem. Nothing is left behind. Versatility From soups to peanut butter, bread crumbs to smoothies, salsa, ice cream and so much more, this machine can handle it. Ease of Cleaning Unless what you are making has fat or oil in it, just add a couple of cups of hot water and a couple of drops of dish soap inside, turn it on and let it run for 30 seconds and it is clean. Durability While making ice creams, for example, you might think that the sound that it begins to make "the growl" as it is called, when it begins to thicken will burn it out, but it is designed to take it.



awesome blender


Love the blender. It's big, but you can put rocks and blend them to powder :) You do have to put a lot of liquid to blend it pretty good, but it's worth the price. Has a long warranty and it's so good for any kind of food. you can make not only drinks, but sauces, appetizers, desserts, breakfasts, etc. You name it. Cleaning the blender is so easy too. Only con will say is the price and how big it is It's an investment for your health

Columbia, MD


Vitamix 64-Speed Blender 1365

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