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Vitamix 1364 3-Speed Blender

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Vitamix Blender...AMAZING!!


My husband ordered the Vitamix on a late night "spending spree" from our livingroom. At first, I was a bit upset because of the expense. Once I received the package, I became excited. Looking through the recipe book gave me many ideas for my family. I quickly went to the store to grab some ingredients to give the Vitamix a try. I was shocked at the power of this machine. I couldn't believe how quickly the ingredients mixed up and my final product was incredible. I knew the true test would come when I had to clean it. That was an even bigger shock. This Vitamix is the easiest blender/mixer to clean than I have ever used. I have tried many expensive products but this one took the cake. VERY easy to use and VERY easy to clean. We have had the product for about 9 months and use it regularly. I am thankful my husband was up that night to splurge on our Vitamix!

Shelby, OH


Vitamix 1364 3-Speed Blender

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