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Vitamin World
Vitamin World CoQ-10

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Vitamin World's CoQ-10 is a exceptionally good product.  I use it every day and it has helped to lower my blood pressure.  I use the 100mg rapid release quickgels taking one pill twice a day with a meal or snack.  I have never had any adverse effects. Vitamin World makes quality products that are usually allergen free although CoQ10 does contain soy.  My blood pressure has come down although it did take about a month for it to get better but that is about the amount of time for any CoQ-10 product to work.  The packaging is very nice-a red bottle witha red cap.  The cap is convenient because it flips up for easy dispensing.  The supplement has no artificial ingredients or preservatives and the company guarantees the great quality and freshness of the product.  Vitamin World also has a member discount program at no cost to you which also makes the CoQ-10 more affordable.

Buffalo, NY


Vitamin World CoQ-10

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