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Vitamin World
Vitamin World B-100 Timed Release

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Promote Energy&Metabolism With B-100


Vitamin World's MEGA B-100 timed release tablets not only promote energy and metabolism but they also promote heart health.You only need to take one tablet a day. My husband bought these for me because I am tired and worn out a lot. Do not have the energy to do anything. This is just occassionaly and not all the time. This B-100 dietary suppliment has a lot of ingredients in each tablet. **Thiamin (Vit.B1) -100mg.** **Riboflavin (Vit.B2)--100mg** **Niacin--100mg.** **Vit. B6--100mg.** **Folic Acid-400mcg** **Vit.B12--100mcg** **Biotin--100mcg** **Pantothenic Acid--100mg.** **PABA--100mg** **Inositol-100mg** **CholineBitartrate--100mg** **Proprietary Blend 1mg.** Now that I have bored you with all those statistics I will get down to the brass tacks.Mega vitamin** B-100 **does seem to work. I do feel better if I take one of these suppliments every day. They seem to give me more energy and Anything that promotes heart health has got to be a good thing. So, bottem line I would recommend Vitamin Worlds **B-100 **dietary suppliment to anyone.****  


Rocky Mount, NC


Vitamin World B-100 Timed Release

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