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Vitamin Shoppe
Vitamin Shoppe B-Complex 100 Vitamins

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Vitamin Shoppe B-Complex 100 Vitamins Will Give You More Energy


The Vitamin Shoppe B-Complex 100 Vitamins are just average. These vitamins gave me energy, but not very much. I still feel tired after several weeks of taking them. I heard good things about taking Vitamin B. This Vitamin B-Complex did help me feel less stressed. I also think these vitamins helped my digestive system. I always need help with that. It seemed to speed up my metabolism a little too. The migraines I had, seemed to dissipate. It also elevated my mood, and I lost a few pounds. It made me feel better emotionally, so I got out of the house more. I heard that this supplement was supposed to help with skin, hair and nails. It didn't do much for my hair and nails, but it did help my dry skin. I don't use as much lotion when I take these. It helped clear up a small rash I had. Make sure you follow the instructions or you will have side effects. Overall, I think this product is too costly for the way it works. It does come in a cute container that is easy to read. The best thing "Vitamin Shoppe B-Complex 100 Vitamins" did for me was, it gave me more energy.

Stockton, CA


Vitamin Shoppe B-Complex 100 Vitamins

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