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Vitamin Shampoo
Vitamin Shampoo acai berry, guava

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Great shampoo that leaves your hair silky and healthy


As I am all about natural and healthy shampoos, I heard good things about this vitamin shampoo and was curious to see the results. The first thing that intrigued me about this product was the fact that it is sulfate and paraben free! I naturally have a not-so silky hair, and in the past, I had difficulty finding the right combination, a vitamin-based shampoo that leaves my hair smooth and shiny until I tried this shampoo! It is very nutritional for my scalp, because it contains a tremendous number of vitamins, B, C, D, etc., you name it. I also love the fresh smell of Acai Berry, and feel so refreshed and relaxed after washing my hair; it gives me the same feeling I have after leaving a spa. I have a friend who has her hair dyed and she was curious to try it to see if this shampoo maintains the color; she was pleasantly surprised to learn that she can use it for her color-treated hair, too. Although in general, I am not prone to developing dandruff, since I started to use this product, I have not noticed any dandruff, as it happened to me before with other brands. I am very pleased with this shampoo and I will definitely continue to use it. I enthusiastically recommend it!




I'm not that impressed, not worth the extra money


I'm just not that impressed with Vitamin Shampoo Mangosteen Yogurt with Vitamins A E C and H.  I don't see any real results and I take issue with the "all natural" claims, so I find it to be all hype and not worth the premium price. It claims to be sulfate and paraben free for those who are against / or have genuine sensitivity to sodium laureth sulfate.  But I'm pretty sure that what they actually replace that common ingredient with isn't acutally a derivitive of the same thing.  Vitamin Shampoo uses Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate which may be just as irritating/toxic.  I would investigate these claims.  In addition, there are a lot of other chemicals which are know toxins and irritants still present in the product like Dimethicone copolyol and cocamide DEA, so I'm really skeptical about the "natural" claims.  They seem to be just jumping on the bandwagon and removing the most glaring of ingredients for those seeking healthier more natural products, so they don't use Sodium Laureth Sulfate which has become a red flag for purists.  There is one noticeable difference with the elimination of Sodium Laureth Sulfate -- the product doesn't lather very well.  I find myself using way too much to try to get a good lather going. On the plus side, it smells very good, but I don't use the Vitamin conditioner and the scent of my conditioner overpowers the scent in the end. I don't see any enhancements to my hairs health or shine at all.  I will note that I do have perfectly healthy, shiny hair already.  Still I have noticed improvements with other shampoos and conditioner with manageability, softness, thickness and shine, but I did not have any of these results with Vitamin Shampoo. My conclusion --  nice scent and a whole lot of Vitamin hype.


El Sobrante, CA


NOT worth the money


First off THANK GOODNESS I got this on sale.  Secondly I am really really glad that I did not buy a whole bunch of this products.  The smell of it is decent as is the consisitancy of it.  But the quality of the product for the price that they charge is ridiculous!  It leaves my hair dry and brittle.   And I do not over process my hair or do anything extreme to it.  So for normal hair as daily washing you would think that it would be fine.  Eh NO!  I even used the conditioner with it thinking that sometimes things work well if you have the pair, well not so much for this product.  the shampoo is thicker than the conditioner, where you would think that the conditioner should be the one that is the thicker of the two to actually condition your hair.  I would not ever waste my money on this product again, nor would I recommend it to any of my friends or family.  I am happy to say though that I finished up this product today.  Whew!


Sheboygan, WI


Although I like the smell and lather, this shampoo strips hair.


Listen, I love clean hair.  I love the feel of it right after I blow dry it.  However, if you use this shampoo without conditioner, your hair will feel like straw.  It strips your hair to a more than clean condition.  I won't be buying it again in other words.  On the positive side, it smells good.  It says that it has vitamin B, E, C, and D, antioxidant and minerals.  It has natural superfruit extracts, its sulfate free and parabin free.  I don't know, maybe it needs some sulfate and parabin, because this stuff reminds me of that old shampoo from the 70's and 80's by the name of Prell.  Prell always made my wet hair squeak it was so "clean", but if I didn't use conditioner, I couldn't even blow dry it without breaking a lot of hairs.  I think that I will be going back to Garnier Fructis or Pantene because those shampoos have moisturizing ingredients in them.  You know what this shampoo doesn't have that every other shampoo I've ever used has?  Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, and maybe it needs it!


Kennewick, WA


Vitamin Shampoo acai berry, guava

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