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Vitamin Shampoo
Vitamin Shampoo Vitamin

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Vitamin Shampoo may not be for everybody's hair types.


Vitamin Shampoo is not for everybody, it  works for only certain hair types. I actually love the smell of the shampoo, it has antioxidants from blueberries and from avocados. The rich lathering foam feels great, but when you wash it off it left my hair dry and coarse.

Elk Grove, CA


good shampoo


this shampoo works really good if you have oily hair. when i was using treseme i had to was my hair every day and even than it still looked greasy but this one makes your hair look very health and not great at all. i don't really thinks it smells too good and i don't really like the bottle too much. sometimes it's hard to get shampoo out but besides that it's not bad at all. i actually just ran out of it now but i think i'm going to buy something different. i don't mind using it again but i want to try something with a better fragrance. these bottles are a little pricey as well for their size especially. it's not a bad shampoo to try again especially for those with oily hair. there are also many different kinds that you can try and they are all a different color so that's what i liked about it. sometimes when you buy other shampoos you have to look up close to see what kind it is but here you can just look at the color

Dallas, TX


Vitamine Shampoo smells awsome, works even more awsome


I love this Shampoo for many reasons. Of course it's smells beautifully ( There are plenty of different flavors, and i love them all), but also it makes my hair shiny and easy to deal with. This shampoo gives my hair healthy look healthy feeling and it is full of different vitamins and essential oils. So, it's not only  healthy look, it is making my hair more healthy every time i use it. Shampoo has different smells and purposes; some for soothing, some energizing, some hydrating. Because of variates i do not get bores with Vitamin Shampoo. I use different one every time; smell wonderful and have fun changing smells and helping my hair at the same time. Most of the smells are fruits and berries. I also love that it is sulfate free and paraben free. That is the staff you have to get rid of with clearifying shampoos. Many leading brands that i used to love are not paraben free and sulfate free.

Fall River, MA


Vitamin Shampoo Vitamin

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