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Vitamin Shampoo
Vitamin Acai Berry Shampoo

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smells good but doesn't leave hair clean


I bought the Vitamin shampoo when I saw it had a "try me free" hang tag on it with a mail in rebate to try it for free. When I first opened it to use it I thought it smelled very good and had high hopes for the shampoo. I have very thin, fine hair and I never expect miracles when it comes to a shampoo, or any hair product, but I do expect it to at least do it's job. I was very disappointed when, after using the shampoo, my hair did not feel or look clean. It actually made my hair appear limp and greasy after washing it. It definitely does smell very nice, and I kept thinking that it was just a fluke, but every single time I would get out of the shower after washing my hair with the Vitamin shampoo I would blowdry my hair and it would come out looking greasy, almost like I didn't even wash it! I gave it a try for about 2 weeks, thinking that it would get better, but I ended up having to throw the half-full bottle out because it was just not working for me.

Philadelphia, PA


Vitamin shampoo smells yummy,and actually works!


This shampoo smells amazing,and it actually works. With some shampoos your hair feels coarse and dry once washed,but this product leaves it feeling silky smooth. Honestly I forgo the conditioner every once in awhile,and you cannot tell the difference from the feel of my hair. It has minerals,antioxidants,and vitamins in it,which go a long way towards maintaining healthy hair.I have noticed alot less split ends since I started using this product. I love the way my hair feels,and smells. My husband even comments on how good my hair smells,and that he can actually run his finger through it now with getting tangled.The price is in an afordable range for the average shopper. I am not sure that most retailers carry this product though. I found it at a drug store chain. I definitely think that you gt your money's worth though. Salons are expensive,but why go if you  can get salon results at home!

Wichita, KS


Vitamin Acai Berry Shampoo

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