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Vitalicious Vitatop Muffins

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My Favorite Snack in the World


Vitamuffins are my favorite thing to eat. I love the double chocolate flavor, but lots of others are good (i.e. apple crumb, banana nut). I have turned so many people on to this product. I like to eat them frozen, right out of the freezer, but some of my friends heat or toast them. They are loaded with vitamins and have an insane amount of fiber! I eat two or three a day.




so good!


I'm hooked on Vitalicious after trying the blue bran muffins. now I'm eating the vita tops. the best flavor is Cran Bran but the Blue Bran is yummy,too. I've stocked up and can't wait to try the Corn. such great nutritional value and the perfect breakfast food for me.


Boston, MA


YUMMY! That about sums it up for you!


When I started my quest to get healthy, I soon realized I would be giving up the "good food".  You know, the junky snacky food that everyone loves.  I quickly heard of this new thing called the Vitatop.  It was healthy as it had lots of fiber, low in calories and low in fat.  But in the form of a muffin top.  I thought "it's got to be gross".  But people kept talking about them.  I just hated to spend the money - they weren't too cheap - and then not like them.  That would be like wasting money.  Finally, the website offered a good deal (free shipping) so I decided to buy some and give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised!  They were so delicious, and yes, a little addicting.  I bought a sampler pack, so I had most of them.  My favorite to this day is double chocolate.  YUM!  They are so moist...and cake like.  They give me the sense I'm being naughty...when in fact it's HEALTHY for me!! They now sell them in local stores here, so I don't have to pay the shipping cost, but even if I did have to...I would!  These are the best thing out there!!


Spencer, IN


Any of the Vitalicious products are fantastic.


Vitalicious products are great.Delicious muffins,muffin-tops,and brownies.My favorite are the different varieties of chocolate vitatops.All are nutritionally sound.Low in calories,100 or less per 2 ounce serving.Good source of fiber and protein.Made with 15 vitamins and minerals.For you Weight Watcher fans they are just 1 point.And very satisfying for hunger and a sweet tooth.


Pittsburgh, PA


Vitalicious Vitatop Muffins

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