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Vitalicious - Chocolate VitaBrownies

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Great Chocolate Taste


I absolutely love these **Vitalicious - Chocolate VitaBrownies** because they are a great way to eat dessert without excessive calories.  Each brownie is only 100 calories and 2 grams of fat and they are delicious.  While eating these, you won't even feel like they are good for you.  These brownies can be a little expensive when ordering online but it is the perfect treat for anyone on a diet or those watching their calories.  The chocolate brownies are moist and truly decadent.  They have a rich chocolate flavor that is perfect for dessert.  They also have a chocolate pomegranite flavor that is a little more tart, but still great.  I order a boxful and freeze them until I use them and they taste great.  They are perfect for a snack or a great satisfaction for your chocolate craving.  They are made with natural ingredients and guilt free, so enjoy and indulge.

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This is not a dream. These brownies really ARE good for you.


***Quick View***: I am amazed at the quality and taste of these brownies and can't imagine wasting fat and calories on any other kind.  ***About Vitalicious - Chocolate VitaBrownies***** ** Imagine a deep chocolate brownie with walnut chunks on top. Imagine biting into it, tasting the deep, decadent chocolate and feeling it melt in your mouth. Think about the moist, chewy texture and the sinful delight you get from such a treat. Now imagine the same thing without it being sinful and you have **Vitalicious - Chocolate VitaBrownies.**** ** These brownies are made by my all time favorite healthy snack company, Vitalicious. They have just 100 calories per brownie and 2.5 grams of non trans fat. But there is more. These brownies have a whopping 6 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and 15 vitamins and minerals! But, you are thinking, how do they taste? They taste fabulous! No one eating one of these thick, rich brownies would have a clue that it was good for them. There are no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives. These are frozen and must be kept that way for freshness. Each is individually wrapped for even more freshness. Pull one out of the freezer, toss it in your lunch bag or briefcase, and it will be ready for you whenever the urge strikes. You won't find a long list of weird ingredients in these. These are natural (hence needing to be frozen) with real cocoa, chocolate chips, whole wheat flour, and egg whites to name a few ingredients. They are two ounces apiece and really do a great job satisfying my sweet tooth without making feel guilty for having eaten something high in calories and fat. Without a doubt, these brownies should be in everyone's household that eats brownies. I just ate one and I feel oh soooooo satisfied.  ***My Viewpoint*** Vitalicious is an amazing company with the best natural, preservative-free baked goods I ever tasted. I have tried almost everything and enjoy all of their offerings from their muffins to their muffin tops to their cakes and, of course, their brownies. They just came out with bake it yourself mixes but I'll leave that to CyndiA. Ha! By the way, it takes just 12-15 minutes to walk off a VitaBrownie or other two-ounce treat. ***I give these 5 shining stars*** and highly recommend them. You can check them out at *www.vitalicious.com*.

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Vitalicious - Chocolate VitaBrownies

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