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Vitafusion MultiVites Sour Gummy Vitamins

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Good vitamins


I began taking the Vitafusion MultiVites Sour Gummy Vitamins after my doctor recommended that I start taking a multivitamin because I have Crohn's Disease and my blood work levels are always low due to the mal-absorption that comes from my condition. Many regular mult-vitamins made me extremely nauseated and caused me to throw up most of the time. The good thing about Vitafusion MultiVites Sour Gummy Vitamins is that because they are chewable, they are gentler on the stomach and allow the body to absorb the nutrients at a better pace. I liked the flavor of the Vitafusion MultiVites Sour Gummy Vitamins, although it was a little more sour than I usually like. After a while, though, the tartness caused my tongue to be a little bit sore and I had to switch to a different flavor for a while. It was nice to have the variety of flavors to be able to choose from.




Did not taste good


I received a sample of these in the mail from some website I signed up for. I already take the Vitafusion multi vitamins gummy and thought I would like these as well as I do link the sour gummy worms you buy in the store. I could not even finish chewing these, let alone swallow them. They are by far the worst tasting multi vitamins I have ever tried to take. The texture was very bad, it was kinda slimy and very soft, not gummy at all. The sour taste was very very bad, tasted like they had just dipped them in a sour sauce. The more you chewed the worse it got. I had to spit them out and I could not get that taste out of mouth for several hours. I definetly would not recommend the to any of my friends or family. These need to be reformulated from the ground up. I'm not sure I would ever try these again, even if they did send me samples or even a whole bottle to try. Even now the memory of the taste is bad.


Rural Retreat, VA


Daily gummy vitamin


I have been taking these gummy vitamins for several months now and they are a simple and easy way to get that little extra boost I need. I do notice a bit extra energy and feeling better when I take them. The taste and texture are spot on and have a good fruity taste to them.




Gummy vitamins are much more palatable, but contain pork gelatin


I used to take these MultiVites until I realized they contained pork gelatin, an ingredient I cannot consume. It's a shame because the vitamins were fun and easy to take; the only struggle was remembering to take them regularly. Some vitamins are made from pectin, so those are consumable for vegetarians and anyone else who doesn't consume pork. If it were up to me, I'd encourage the makers of Vitafusion to consider gelatin alternatives. The flavors of the vitamins were good, though personally I didn't like the orange one. It was the one that tasted the most "vitamin-y," and slightly like metal, whereas the other flavors tasted like candy. I enjoyed the taste of fruit and cream with the rough layer of sour crystals coating each piece. It really is like snacking on gummy candies, and I suppose the only con would be eating too many of them in one sitting. Like many sticky gummy candies, these do have the tendency to clump together once the bottle is opened, especially if stored in a warm or humid environment. It can be difficult to free the ones stuck at the bottom of the container when this happens. Nevertheless, the vitamins are still edible then, just less appealing.


Sugar Land, TX


Vitafusion MultiVites Sour Gummy Vitamins

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