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Vita-Mix 32 oz Bar Blender


(VM0100A) BarBoss Advance 32 oz. (0.9 liter) high-impact clear stackable Advance container & blade & lid pre-programmed w/ 6 programs fully programmable (software kit #15606 needed for customized programming) red base 2 peak HP 120V 50/60 Hz 11.5 amps UL

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BarBoss® Advance®


Features The BarBoss Advance delivers smooth frozen drinks and purèed cocktail bases while operators take the next request. Its sharp red design adds color and interest behind the bar. Advance® Container Our Advance container is specifically designed to create the smoothest frozen beverages. Its no-drip spout reduces product waste and clean-up. Pulse Feature The Pulse feature allows operators to quickly refresh drinks and refine any texture. Optimized Programs With 6 optimized programs and automatic shut-off, create consistent, high-quality blends while you take the next request. 2-HP Motor The powerful ≈2 peak output hp motor quickly pulverizes ingredients and flawlessly blends frozen drinks in a variety of sizes. Product Specifications ≈2 peak output horsepower motor 120 V, 50/60 Hz, 11.5 Amps 12.2 lb. (13.8 lb. with box) 17.7 x 8.0 x 9.0 in. (H x W x D) https://www.vitamix.com/Commercial/Products/Beverage-Blenders/BarBoss-Advance#overview


Best Blender I have ever had.


I have had this blender for over a year. It is amazing and is very easy to clean as well. I will forever have a Vitamix from now on. No blender has ever worked this well. Blending Power Blend is the best I love green smoothies. You can blend anything and it taste great! We have even made peanut butter using only peanuts and it blended very well. It does take a while and is loud but it works. Ease of Cleaning Cleans very quickly. I have a green smoothie daily and have the blender cleaned out in less then 1 minute. Even when making thicker things like peanut butter it cleans great. Ease of Use Very easy to use. Even a child could use this blender. It well be a great job to have your kids help in the kitchen. Design Is quite tall unless you get the short one. We have low cabinets and the short jars still doesn't fit with the top on. Durability So far it is just as great as first used. We use it almost daily. This blender is a dream best purchase ever.



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I love my vitamix blender. I use it almost every day for a breakfast smoothie - 8 oz. milk, about 8 oz. ice, 1 scoup of Shakeology powder, and usually a banana and a splash of honey. The plunger helps the ice mix well in the drink, and it takes no time at all to make the perfect smoothie with the perfect texture! I also find it very easy to clean, and VERY durable. I definitely would recommend this. Blending Power This blender crushes anything I put into it easily and quickly. I can crush ice into a very fine grain, and make smoothies taste amazing! Bananas in smoothies get pureed and so well mixed that I get all of the flavor of the banana without the texture. Ease of Cleaning I have had no trouble cleaning this machine. I just wipe it gently with a soapy rag, then rinse it in water. It comes out clean easily! Ease of Use Just flip it to fast or slow, and adjust the knob to how fast you want it to work. This is one of the easiest appliances I've ever used. Design I got a vitamix in red, and love the color. Durability I've had mine for over a year now, and have had NO problems with it - ever!

Alexandria, OH


Vita-Mix 32 oz Bar Blender

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