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Visual Land
Visual Land Prestige Pro 7" Android Tablet

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You get what you paid for


This tablet is good for a child or young teen. It runs on an android operating system. The picture quality and sound quality is good. It runs a lot slower than an apple ipad or google nexus, but for the price it does the job. The charger that came with it wasn't very durable the end that you place in the tablet broke off so I had to buy an new wall charger. Battery Life Once fully charge the battery life is really good. Processing Speed slow Weight The visual land tablet is very light. It's not big and bulky. Easy to travel with App Availability You can buy apps using google app store. It also has a microsd card slot so you can download and save to the sd card to have more memory. Design This tablet has a small 7" screen and a thin frame. It's perfect for placing in a small purse or diaper bag. The visual land tablet comes in several different colors; which I thought was great. Durability The tablet is small and thin; so, I suggest you get a case and a screen cover to protect it if a small child would be handling it. The items you will have to purchase separately.




Not too bad


I ordered this tablet with great excitement. I loved the colors it offered, the case that came with it, and best of all the PRICE! So far I feel its great for pretty much everything, but there are a few "issues" I personally have with it that I would have LOVED to see in a review before I purchased. The cons are as listed: The charger is not a usb like I thought, instead its an ac adapter charger, no biggie though Camera (front and back facing) is in the (bottom) corner of the tablet, making it a silly angle for selfies :) Although the screen may rotate from horizontal to vertical, there is only ONE WAY to view in vertical, placing the tablet in vertical mode the case means that your camera is on the bottom, and the volume buttons are upside down (clicking down makes vol go up vice versa) Aside from the petty "issues" its a great tablet. Those would be more personal preferences I guess. Weight Not heavy at all App Availability Love google Play Design (see above cons)




This has been the best investment we have made for our children


We love this product! We have bought several within the past year for our children. They tend to drop them a lot. Battery Life The battery life is pretty good. It will last about 4-6 hours . We did notice that if you have a live wallpaper set on it the battery life is only about 1 hour! Processing Speed Processing speed is very good. As long as you don't have too many apps running at the same time. If you do it tends to freeze. Weight They weigh little to nothing. They are Very thin. Very easily concealed. You can tote it anywhere you go. App Availability Has all of the latest apps. You can download as many apps as will fit in your storage all for FREE! Design The designs are original. But you can get them in all different colors. I personally like the fact that they are so thin. Durability The only thing about these tablets are, the screens are very easy to crack! Drop it one time and there goes the screen. AS long as you have it in a case or bye a protective case for it you should be good. If you are buying this for a child make sure you purchase the replacement plan. It saves a lot of money in the long run! Talking from personal experience!




Visual Land Prestige Pro 7" Android Tablet

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