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Visine Total Eye Soothing Eye Wipes

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visine wipes very dryA


After reading the reviews i tried the visine wipes total eye care and was very disappointed. I do not know if I received a bad batch but these were basically circles of cotton. They were very dry which meant that you had to rub them on your eye to feel any effect what so ever, I actually resorted to adding a drop of water to the pad to moisten. The pads did not remove eye make up although it did manage to move it from the lash to under they eye leaving you looking like a raccoon. This then required another product to remove the make up left on the skin. I would not recommend as the rubbing just irritated the eye and damaged the skin beneath. Absolutely loved the idea instead of eye drops but just did not work for me, oh well back to the eye drops for now.

Monroe Township, NJ


Visine Total Eye gets A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+,etc.,


I have macular degeneration, and Blepharitis, eye disorders related to being a diabetic. I now have to put a moisturizing eye drops in my eyes several times a day. But with these Visine Total Eye Soothing Wipes, they have helped the most with these problems. They really help for allergy eyes, and are excellent for removing make up, especially waterproof mascara. I would highly recommend these not only for just make-up removal, but eye diseases, like I have. They are wonderful. I first got mine as a trial jar, before they hit the market, and have used them since. And certainly not willing to give them up for a very long time. Thanks!!

San Antonio, TX


My eyes thank you!


I received these Visine Soothing Wipes from a contest I entered.  I was very excited to get these in the mail as I have very sensitive eyes.  These of course work much better than me rubbing my eyes till they're blood red.  It felt so great the first time I used these.  They work great for taking off eye makeup also.  I'll definately be buying these.

Lexington, SC


Visine Total Eye Soothing Eye Wipes

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