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Visine A Antihistamine & Redness Reliever Eye Drops

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Red eye corrector


Visine A Antihistamine and Redness Reliever Eye Drops are such a lifesaver! I suffer from allergies as well as eyes that easily become red from dark rooms with little light like movie theaters and when I want to get rid of these unsightly red eyes I just use my Visine Eye drops! They are really easy to use and small enough that I can store it in my pocket. To use I just unscrew the plastic cap and hold open each eye and squeeze one to two drops of the Visine eye drops into my eyes and within minutes my eyes are no longer red and feel much better. I really enjoy that the Visine eye drops are easily controllable so that I do not end up squirting like ten drops of Visine into my eyes. Visine A Antihistamine and Redness Reliever Eye Drops are easy for anyone to use especially since I started out using these as someone who had never used eye drops before. I will definitely recommend these eye drops to anyone.



Saves my eyes when golfing!


When I was 20 years old I developed seasonal allergies, what are commonly known as *hay fever.  *For years I purchased and used Visine eye drops, but then I discovered Visine A, eye drops that also contain an antihistamine. If you have never experienced the agony of itchy eyes, then you are very lucky.  Let me tell you this, it can be sheer agony!  If I rub my eyes I get temporary relief, it lasts as long as I am actually in the act of rubbing them.  As soon as I stop rubbing, it is sheer torture.  The eyes feel *so much worse, and they don't stop hurting and itching.*  Sometimes putting a cold wash cloth over the eyes helps, but that is not always convenient.  My doctor has prescribed eye drops for my itchy eyes, and so has my eye doctor, but none of the drops that they have prescribed for me work any better than Visine A.  The drops come in a small plastic bottle, which is packaged in a box.  The drops are sterile, and I don't like to share my eye drops with any other individuals, even family members.  The antihistamine brings relief to itchy eyes, and they even help reduce the red eye. I will warn you that when my eyes are very sore, these drops do sting, but my husband taught me a trick that helps ease the drops into the eyes.  I put my head back, and *with my eyes closed, *I apply one or two drops into the corners of my eyes.  Then I slowly open my eyes and the drops gently roll into my eyes.  This is much more comfortable that dropping a cold eye drop directly onto the eyeballs! When my husband and I go for a round of golf, I often could not make it through 9 holes without using Visine A eye drops.  I always carry one bottle in my golf bag, and usually have one in my handbag as well.  These drops have saved my eyes numerous times, and as I said, they are just as effective as prescription allergy eye drops. Effectiveness More effective than some of the prescription eye drops my doctor has given to me Ease of Use Drops are simple to apply Immediacy These start to work fairly quick, much faster than taking an antihistamine pill

Eagle River, AK


Works well, but can irritate eyes a bit sometimes


I have lots of issues with eye allergies during the late fall, and they usually requires some sort of anti-histamine eye drop to provide relief. Visine A Antihistamine & Redness Reliever Eye Drops tend to suit my needs well, with a couple of minor issues to speak of. Firstly, these drops burn like heck when I first put them in my eyes. From my understanding, this is from the anti-histamine in the eyedrops, and quite possibly also from the ingredient that relieves redness. I guess the makers figured it was a reasonable trade-off considering the benefits.I tend to agree, but wish they didn't feel so irritating to my eyes while my eyes are already irritated more than I'd care for. Secondly, some people (including myself) have found that the redness reliever in these drops (and may other brands of eyedrops) can actually cause MORE redness in people that are sensitive to the chemical. Talk about irony, eh? Other than those issues, I've found these drops to be very effective at relieving the vast majority of my seasonal allergy eye symptoms. ****

Atkins, VA


Visine A Eye Drops hurt more than they heal


I first discovered Visine A several years ago when I had a horrible allergy attack one season. I was in so much pain that I could barely open my eyes. After applying the drops, the symptoms subsided. Such a description would lead you to believe that this is a worthy product but that is not so. Further use of this product showed that it is not a product I would want to endorse. Subsequent uses revealed just how much these eye drops hurt! When you apply the drops, they burn so bad that you have to force yourself not to squeeze your eyes and thus push out all the liquid. The pain does not die down for several minutes. Which, at that point, you notice that your eyes still itch from the seasonal allergies. So now you have pain from the drops in addition to the irritation from the allergies. It's normal to get some burning when using such a product but that usually means it's working. In this case it just hurts for no reason.

San Mateo, CA


what a relief


I don't really trust any eyedrops because I am very precautious of the effect to my precious eyes. but I've been using this lately. I have no other choice but use it for a try because I have been suffering for itchy ice. I don't regret I tried it because it gently gave me relief

La Porte, IN


Excellent Allergy Eye Drops


I have tried several over the counter and even very expensive prescription eye drops for allergy relief.  I often (at least 4 days per week) wake with itchy and sometimes extremely swolen eye lids.  My doctor agreed that it was allergy related and prescribed very expensive eye drops that did not work as well as these Visine Drops.  I certainly give this product a thumbs up!  In fact, I use a drop in each eye every morning and feel comfortable all day long.  I am not a contact wearer, so I can not recommend these to anyone who wears contacts.

West Harrison, NY


Great product.


Visine A is the perfect product if you suffer from itchy red allergy eyes. It is convenient and fast acting. This product is great! I have tried prescription products and several other over the counter drops. This is by far the best I have seen and used to clear the redness and itch from my eyes. I would recommend it to anyone who is an eye allergy sufferer.

Warwick, RI


Visine A Antihistamine & Redness Reliever Eye Drops

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