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Visa - Platinum Visa

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Visa Platinum has a very high interest rate


Visa Platinum, where I lived, offers a too high interest rate. They did not gave me the line of credit i asked and instead gave the amount of credit limit they decided.I have it for over three years and they have never revised my credit limit to increased it, like other credit cards normally do. Right now, because of what is happening with the economy, almast every bank is having financial difficulties. Thats one of the easons, I believe, They should present better offers to their clients, whith very or almost very good credit. These offers should include loans and credit card products at a lower interest rate. What banks are doing right now is punishing the clients with high intersr in their credit products to try to have greater  benefits instead to have a win win situation with their clients and combined thei offers so both, client and financial institute can be happy.At the end, this will result in more satisfied clients and more earnings for the institution.


Toa Alta, PR


Visa - Platinum Visa

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